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November 16, 2022

When you welcome a new member to your family, taking care of their health will be one of your first priorities. This is done in several ways, and things like nutrition, everyday care, love, and attention can be provided at home. But when it comes to some aspects of your child’s health, you will need the assistance of experienced professionals. Visiting a dentist in NYC is an example.

There’s a lot that you will experience for the very first time as a parent. Going to the dentist is an experience we’ve all had, but this could be your first time taking a child to the dentist. Everything’s a little new and it could come with some anxiety. You might even be wondering at what age you should take your child to visit your family dentist or pediatric dentist in NYC.

We’re here to answer all of your most important questions, and to help you get the best dental care for everyone in your family.

When You See the First Tooth, It’s Time to Visit Your Dentist

What’s the perfect age to take your child to the dentist? As a general rule, it’s as soon as you see the first tooth erupt. This usually occurs between 6 and 12 months, with every child being a little different.

The visit is not just for your child’s sake. You can get advice on caring for your child’s teeth at home, and you’ll learn exactly what to do as more teeth start to come through.

NYC Teeth Cleaning for Children

Cleaning is one of the most important parts of oral hygiene. At home, you should brush your baby’s teeth gently until your child is old enough to do it on their own. Generally, kids brush their own teeth from around the age of six.

But even with regular brushing, your child will need NYC teeth cleaning to help remove the buildup that is missed during home brushing. You should book NYC teeth cleaning and a general examination every six months. This will give Dr. Condos a chance to track the progress of your child’s teeth while addressing any issues as they develop. Problems like cavities and orthodontic issues are more easily treated when detected early.

NYC teeth cleaning for children is also a great opportunity to teach your child about the importance of brushing. Our hygienists and Dr. Condos can teach your child the best techniques for home brushing.

NYC teeth cleaning is comfortable, and kids love how their teeth feel after the treatment. With NYC teeth cleaning, your child will have a brighter and healthier smile, and you’ll have confidence knowing that their dental health is taken care of.

Invisalign in NYC

Children with orthodontic issues can get help with Invisalign in NYC. This clear-aligner solution helps to bring teeth into their optimal position for the best spacing and a full and natural bite.

Invisalign in NYC is comfortable to wear, and, unlike braces, it’s difficult to see the aligners. This makes Invisalign in NYC perfect for children who are worried about looking out of place among their peers.

Children can get treatment with Invisalign in NYC from around the age of seven. This can be recommended by Dr. Condos after a detailed examination. Invisalign is more convenient than braces, affordable, comfortable, and more aesthetic.

If you have older children in your family showing signs of orthodontic issues, you can book an appointment for Invisalign in NYC today.

Pediatric Dentist in NYC vs. Family Dentist

Dr. Spiro Condos provides effective care for patients of all ages at Dental Implant Center NYC. Dr. Condos has decades of experience and is an educator to students, dental professionals, and professors.

A specialized pediatric dentist in NYC can provide family dentistry in cases where you need a professional that specializes only in dentistry for younger patients.

There are some special cases where you could be best served by a referral to a pediatric dentist in NYC…

  • Your child has severe dental anxiety which makes it difficult to get treatment from your family dentist. A pediatric dentist in NYC will have a clinic designed specifically to help children relax.
  • Spiro Condos may recommend a referral to a specialized pediatric dentist in NYC if the case has specific complications that would make treatment less comfortable in our clinic.
  • Your child has special needs that require the experience and training of a pediatric dentist in NYC.

We are fully equipped to treat younger patients, and Dr. Condos has a kind and compassionate chairside approach that helps children to relax. Our entire team is trained to accommodate younger patients. In most cases, you can get all of your dental needs served without having to visit a specialist pediatric dentist in NYC.

Book your appointment today and get the best care for your entire family.

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