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October 23, 2022

Treatment with dental implants in New York is the most effective way to overcome tooth loss. Permanent and reliable, dental implants in New York feel and look natural. They can restore your confidence as well as the full function of your mouth while limiting the long-term complications of tooth loss.

It can be difficult to decide if dental implants in New York are right for you. Most patients find it easier to choose the right treatment when asking themselves a few important questions.

Do You Want the Best Aesthetic? Dental Implants in New York Look Natural

The crowns placed on dental implants look incredibly natural, and only your implant dentist in NYC would be able to tell the difference when looking at your smile. If you want a restoration that looks and feels like a natural tooth (or teeth), dental implants in New York will be perfect for you.

Your smile can provide confidence so it’s important that yours looks its best.

Do You Need to Replace an Entire Arch? All-on-4 NYC Could be Perfect for You

Solutions from your implant dentist in NYC can replace single teeth, a few teeth in a row, or even an entire arch. If you thought full arch tooth implant cost in NYC would be too expensive, you’ll be surprised by the unique systems that we offer.

All-on-4 NYC is a system for full arch replacement where a permanent denture is mounted to four individual implants. The implants are placed to ensure even distribution of bite force, so the denture will feel comfortable. All-on-4 NYC is relatively affordable because there are only four implants to plan and place.

You can consider All-on-4 NYC if you’ve lost all of the teeth on an arch, or, you could replace all of the teeth in your mouth on the top and bottom of your jaw. All-on-4 NYC is an excellent choice if you have good bone density.

There’s also an alternative to All-on-4 NYC, known as All-on-6. As the name suggests, six implant posts are used to support a denture. This is effective if there’s less density in the jaw or if your implant surgeon determines that the denture will need extra stability for comfort, bite performance, and durability.

Are You Missing a Single Front Tooth? Mini Dental Implants in New York

Partial dentures are sometimes used to treat front tooth loss. These are less comfortable than implants and don’t look as natural. At Dental Implant Center NYC, we solve the issue of having less ridge space to work with by using mini dental implants for your restoration.

Just like full-sized implants, mini dental implants in New York are embedded into the jaw through a surgical procedure. Bone will develop around mini implants to provide stability. This process, known as osseointegration, is a core concept within implantology. The result is a stable foundation for a crown. Mini dental implants in New York have the same function as natural tooth roots, and they are permanent.

Because the implants are smaller, the surgery is less complex and more affordable when you are treated with mini dental implants in NYC. In some cases, your new implants could be fitted with a temporary crown immediately after the surgery.

You can talk to Dr. Spiro Condos for your full consultation to find out if mini dental implants in New York are right for you. Mini implants aren’t suitable for every patient, and we can provide alternatives, including full-sized implants for front tooth replacement.

How Much Will a Tooth Implant Cost in NYC?

The overall tooth implant cost in NYC will be one of the most important considerations you make before having treatment. Tooth implant cost in NYC is determined by the type of implant, the complexity of the procedure, the material used for the crown, and any additional treatments that are needed.

Tooth implant cost in NYC can vary significantly from case to case, so there’s no real ballpark figure for this. Single-tooth implants are relatively affordable, and even a whole arch replacement is cost-efficient when you consider that only four implants need to be used for support.

The best way to determine tooth implant cost in NYC is to schedule a consultation with your implant dentist in NYC. You can book an appointment with us today.

Dr. Condos is the Best Implant Dentist in NYC

If you’re looking for a reliable and trusted implant dentist in NYC, Dr. Spiro Condos is your best option. Trusted by patients, respected in his field, and an educator to dentists in training, Dr. Condos brings a compassionate approach and attention to detail to ensure that your treatment is successful.

With the best implant dentist in NYC, you will benefit from extensive treatment planning and the best advice to treat partial or complete tooth loss. Dental implants in New York can give you the smile that you deserve. Book your consultation to start planning your treatment now.

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