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February 15, 2023

If you have multiple missing teeth in a row, you have a few treatment options available. A partial denture is the most affordable solution, but also the least durable, the least comfortable, and the least aesthetic. Bridges attached to healthy teeth are also an option but you will be limited to replacing one or two missing teeth, and the healthy teeth will need to be filed and crowned for the restoration, which can have long-term implications. Alternatively, you could consider a dental implant supported bridge. This type of restoration uses implants and a prosthetic element that bridges the gap between them. There’s no need to damage healthy teeth, and the result will be incredibly stable and durable.

Is a dental implant supported bridge the best solution for your needs? Get your key questions answered and book your consultation at Dental Implant Center NYC when you’re ready to start planning your treatment.

The Mechanics of a Dental Implant Supported Bridge

Two key components make up a dental implant supported bridge. Each plays an integral role to achieve a beautiful and functional restoration.

  • Two or more dental implants are surgically placed in the jawbone for a dental implant supported bridge. These implants integrate with the jaw, preventing bone loss and creating a lasting foundation.
  • The artificial teeth or the “bridge” are made in the dental laboratory to perfectly fit the arch of your jaw. The entire bridge prosthetic will be permanently attached to the dental implants. This can restore not only the appearance of your smile but also its function. The bite force will be similar to natural teeth, ensuring comfort and long-term stability.

The system is also referred to as dental implant crowns & bridges. It’s a suitable restoration if you have lost several teeth in a row and want a comfortable and more permanent solution when compared to a denture.

Materials Used for Dental Implant Crowns & Bridges

The materials that we use for dental implant crowns & bridges are selected for their biocompatibility and durability.

The implant posts used for dental implant crowns & bridges are made from surgical titanium. This material integrates with the jawbone, as the tissue heals around the implant. It’s biocompatible with an exceedingly low risk of tissue reaction. Titanium won’t corrode, so your dental implant crowns & bridges could last for a lifetime with regular maintenance.

The visible part of dental implant crowns & bridges can be made from a variety of materials. Porcelain, specialized ceramics, zirconium, and composites can all be considered. Porcelain is a reliable material for dental implant crowns & bridges, and is often used for front teeth since it can closely replicate the look of natural tooth enamel. For posterior teeth like molars, zirconium is a good choice, because it has the strength to resist biting and chewing forces.

You’ll learn about material options in detail during your consultation for dental implants in NYC. The choice comes down to the position of the teeth and your budget. Dr. Spiro Condos provides compassionate care and has a wealth of experience with dental implants in NYC. He and his team will make a recommendation based on an initial diagnosis and your unique needs.

Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants in NYC?

Most people are good candidates for dental implants. You’ll need adequate bone density in your jaw to get treatment with dental implants in NYC, but even if you’ve lost some bone, a grafting procedure can prepare you for implant placement. And, once you get treatment with dental implants in NYC, the implant posts will stimulate the bone to prevent loss and preserve the structure and appearance around your mouth and face.

Gum disease can compromise the success of dental implants in NYC, but this can again be treated with the help of the team at Dental Implant Center NYC. We’ll ensure that all steps are taken to enhance your oral health before placing implants whenever it’s necessary.

In some rare cases, a medical condition that prevents or slows healing could make you a poor candidate for dental implants in NYC. If this applies to you, then there are other restorative treatment alternatives.

You’ll receive a detailed consultation and treatment plan from Dr. Condos. No matter your current oral health or unique needs, Dr. Condos will find solutions to restore and enhance your smile.

Book Your Consultation for Dental Bridges in New York

You can get the best dental bridges in New York when you visit Dental implant Center NYC. With dental bridges in New York, you can treat tooth loss and prevent further deterioration of your smile.

Dental bridges in New York can…

  • Restore the gap left by tooth loss.
  • Stimulate your jaw to prevent structural changes.
  • Give you a functional and aesthetic improvement.
  • Ensure that you have the confidence to smile.

Begin your consultation for implants and dental bridges in New York. With an experienced team, you’ll get the most detailed advice, outcome-focused treatment, and compassionate care from the moment you enter the clinic. Dr. Spiro Condos is a highly experienced implant surgeon who will ensure that dental bridges in New York give you the outcome that you’re looking for.

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