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September 23, 2022

Some tooth restorations provide aesthetic results but lack functionality, leaving you with dietary restrictions. Contemporary dental implants in NYC are different. They can restore the look and full function of your smile.

You can eat almost anything with contemporary dental implants in NYC. Take a look at the technical benefits and features of contemporary dental implants and book your treatment with Dr. Spiro Condos and his experienced team at the best dental clinic in NYC.

Contemporary Dental Implants in NYC – The Key Benefits

Dental implants are artificial anchors that are placed in your jaw. Contemporary dental implants in NYC take the place of tooth roots and integrate with the bone. This provides the best foundation for tooth restoration. Contemporary dental implants in NYC can last 25 years and longer in many cases.

Contemporary dental implants in NYC differ from other treatment options because they are permanent. By replacing the root and the tooth, they also support better overall oral health.

Procedures have a success rate above 90%. If you’re otherwise healthy, avoid smoking, and perform regular hygiene practices, it will be easy to maintain your dental implants in NYC.

And, unlike dentures that rest on the gums, contemporary dental implants look natural and will allow you to enjoy the food that you love. You can get the most reliable implants at the best dental clinic in NYC.

What Can You Eat After Treatment with the Best Dental Implant Dentist in NYC?

The main dietary restrictions apply immediately after and in the weeks following treatment with the best dental implant dentist in NYC.

Soft foods will be recommended by the best dental implant dentist in NYC. These will prevent damage to the treatment site and the soft tissues around it. Examples include foods like grilled chicken breast, cooked vegetables, pasta, stews with soft meat, soft cheese, bread, yogurt, and eggs. Softer fruits are also a good option as you recover from treatment with the best dental implant dentist in NYC.

When it comes to long-term limitations, you can eat almost anything that you want after your implants have fully healed. It’s best to stay away from hard nuts and seeds to protect your prosthetic teeth, but beyond this, you can enjoy food like you would with healthy natural teeth. The key is to enjoy a diet in moderation. Your overall health affects your dental health, so eat a balanced diet with moderate amounts of fat and protein, lots of fresh ingredients, and moderate amounts of carbohydrates.

Limit sugary foods to prevent tooth decay and infection and keep dark drinks and foods to a minimum to prevent the staining of your teeth.

Aside from regular brushing, rinsing, and flossing at home, you will need to visit the best dental implant dentist in NYC every six months to check on the health of your implants. You’ll get feedback about the condition of your teeth and implants, and any necessary dietary changes can be advised during your visit to our dental clinic in NYC if they ever become necessary.

Dr. Spiro Condos is an experienced dental practitioner and an educator to dentists in training as well as practicing dentists. As the best dental implant dentist in NYC, Dr. Condos will always provide the best care and recommendations with a focus on your long-term health.

Visit the Best Dental Clinic in NYC for Comprehensive Implant Care

From planning to placement and long-term maintenance, Dental Implant Center NYC is the best dental clinic in NYC.

Dental implants can be life-changing, giving you back a natural smile with complete functionality. With Dr. Condos and his team, you’ll also have options when it comes to the type of restoration.

  • Single tooth implants are available for tooth loss, replacing the gaps in your smile without the need for extensive surgery.
  • If you’ve experienced significant tooth loss, you can replace an entire row of teeth with All-on-4 or All-on-6 dental implants. With a few strategically placed implant posts, you can get a permanent denture that looks and feels natural.
  • You could be a candidate for immediate treatment with mini dental implants. Placed at the best dental clinic in NYC, mini dental implants can offer immediate results with a shorter surgery and healing time.

Your best smile yet is just a consultation away. You can book your appointment today. With a detailed and compassionate approach, Dr. Condos will determine the best solution for your needs. Contemporary dental implants in NYC are the best option when you want permanent restoration without major dietary limitations

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