Veneers vs. Orthodontics

October 4, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

Veneers vs. Orthodontics – Treatment Options at Dental Implant Center NYC

At Dental Implant Center NYC, we know that straight and healthy teeth inspire confidence. They allow you to smile and speak freely, whether you’re pushing ahead in your career or out socializing with friends old and new.

Our smiles are a big part of who we are, so of course, you want to make yours as beautiful as possible. If you have issues with tooth position and straightness, you may have considered dental veneers or orthodontics. Both treatments have a unique approach and serve a slightly different function.

Get the facts on veneers vs. orthodontics and get treatment with the leading dentist in NYC.

You Want the Perfect Smile Today – Is the Dental Veneers Approach Worth It?

In such a fast-paced world we want quick results. If you’re unhappy with your smile it’s natural to want to do something about it as soon as possible. Dental veneers can provide a quick fix for an irregular smile and in many cases, they’re the best option. However, a problem arises when the issue is more than just cosmetic.

Dental veneers are a cosmetic approach, and they can correct gaps in teeth, problems with size and shape, and they cover blemishes like staining or minor cracks on the surfaces of teeth.

Dental veneers require some preparation. The teeth need to be treated with a special file to create an abrasive surface for the new material to adhere to. There are minimum prep or even no-prep veneers available, but they aren’t as long-lasting as porcelain veneers applied by a leading dentist in NYC like Dr. Spiro Condos.

Learning all of this, you’ll understand that dental veneers are a cosmetic treatment for cosmetic problems. They can correct the appearance of teeth, but don’t alter their position or address underlying orthodontic problems.

Orthodontics Provides Cosmetic Results with a Functional Treatment

Orthodontics treats the issues of gaps in teeth and irregular placement by moving the teeth into their ideal positions. Invisalign is a cost-efficient solution that works similarly to braces.

Invisalign orthodontics is based on wearing clear aligners. Just like braces, Invisalign gradually moves teeth through incremental stages. With your dentist in NYC, Invisalign can close gaps, correct crowding of teeth, and adjust issues with your bite. By taking a functional approach to adjust the physical positioning of teeth, Invisalign is a much more robust treatment than dental veneers.

Unlike braces, Invisalign aligners are removable. You will wear clear aligners throughout most of the day, removing them only to eat, drink, and brush your teeth. The aligners are near invisible (that’s where the name comes from) and are comfortable to wear. There are no painful adjustments unlike with traditional orthodontics like braces.

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign typically takes around six to twelve months to correct crowding and position.

Veneers vs. Orthodontics – Making the Right Decision with Dental Implant Center NYC

Now that you understand what veneers do and don’t do, and the same for orthodontics, we can consider when either treatment would be appropriate.

  • Veneers vs. Orthodontics for Correcting Size and Shape – If your issue is the size and shape of your teeth, and if the teeth are otherwise healthy, veneers are the better option. This cosmetic treatment can change the appearance of teeth for a fuller smile.
  • Veneers vs. Orthodontics for Correcting Crowding and Position – If your teeth are crowded or if gaps are caused by teeth being out of position, orthodontics like Invisalign will be the better option. Your teeth will be gradually moved into position during the treatment.
  • Veneers vs. Orthodontics for Your Bite – If you have an over or underbite or other problems that affect speaking and eating, then orthodontics is the option to choose. Your bite will be corrected until it is regular and healthy. Orthodontics like Invisalign provides a permanent solution. You can start case planning at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Your Dentist in NYC Will Determine the Best Treatment

A gap in your teeth might be a sign of a deeper orthodontic issue. Consulting with a dentist in NYC will ensure that you get the right treatment that not only addresses the cosmetic appearance of your smile, but also any underlying issue.

Dr. Spiro Condos is an experienced implant dentist in NYC providing a range of cosmetic treatments and orthodontics with Invisalign. He has the knowledge and education to recommend a solution that supports your esthetic goals as well as your long-term dental health.

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