Treatment with Gold Onlays in NYC

August 28, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

Treatment with Gold Onlays in NYC

With gold onlays in NYC, you can get treatment for advanced damage to the surfaces of your teeth. Gold onlays in NYC are reliable, hard-wearing, and prevent further deterioration. They protect damaged teeth to ensure that the softer material and nerves are protected.

Learn about gold onlays in NYC, when they are used to treat cavities, and the alternatives provided by your dentist in NYC.

Who Needs Gold Onlays in NYC?

You will need gold onlays in NYC if you have significant damage to the surfaces of your teeth.

Gold onlays in NYC are often referred to as the “gold standard” in cavity treatment. Even while other materials have been made available to the industry, gold is still a common option that can be recommended by your dentist in NYC.

Gold onlays in NYC are popular for several reasons:

  • Gold is malleable so it can be conformed to the shape of your natural tooth.
  • The material has a low risk of fracture.
  • It is biocompatible (won’t irritate most patients).
  • Gold resists staining and discoloration.

The downside to having gold onlays in NYC is that the material won’t blend with your natural tooth color. For posterior teeth and the upper ridge, this isn’t typically a problem. Other materials are available for a more esthetic solution when you visit your dentist in NYC.

Are Dental Onlays Ideal for All Forms of Cavities?

Cavities, also commonly known as tooth decay, are permanently damaged areas on the surface of your teeth. They can range in size, starting small, and progressing with time.

Cavities are caused by many factors and can develop at any age, affecting anyone from children to older adults. When cavities aren’t treated with fillings, dental onlays, or inlays, they progress and cause deeper damage that can lead to infections in the pulp of teeth. Bacteria, hard food, poor oral hygiene, excessive sugar consumption, and trauma or bruxism (teeth grinding) can all cause cavities.

With cavities being one of the world’s most common health problems, they are well understood, and the treatments offered by your dentist in NYC are highly effective. No matter the stage of a cavity, you can get treatment at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Dental onlays are a form of treatment for cavities and are used to repair large defects that extend over the cusps of teeth. They are the last stage of restoration before dental crowns would need to be considered.

Dental Onlays vs. Traditional Fillings in NYC

Fillings in NYC are provided by your dentist and are the most common form of restoration for cavities. Dental fillings in NYC treat smaller cavities and are effective at both treating tooth decay and preventing further deterioration.

When you have dental fillings in NYC, your dentist will make the cavity bigger so that the restoration material can adhere and bond with the natural tooth. Dental fillings in NYC can be color-matched for an esthetic appearance that is unnoticeable without close inspection by a trained professional.

Dental onlays treat the same problem as traditional fillings in NYC, but at an advanced stage. You will need dental onlays when the deterioration extends to one or more cusps on the biting surface of your tooth. Dental onlays are also used for cracked teeth in some cases, whereas traditional fillings in NYC are never used for this.

Alternatives to Gold Onlays in NYC

Gold onlays are an excellent choice for durable restorations. In some cases, Dr. Condos, your dentist in NYC, will recommend other materials that are better suited to the restoration for esthetic or technical reasons.

  • Ceramic (Porcelain) is the most popular alternative to gold. This material is suited to color-matched restorations, giving you an attractive esthetic that is natural and confidence-inspiring. Porcelain onlays are made in a laboratory from a dental mold and will be perfectly formed to match your natural tooth contours and occlusion with opposing teeth. Porcelain isn’t as strong as gold and may not be the ideal solution if you suffer from bruxism (tooth grinding).
  • Composite Resin is also an option to be considered. It’s stronger than traditional fillings in NYC and can be shaped to suit your natural tooth contour and position. Resin can be color-matched for an esthetic appearance. Resin restorations are affordable but there are some drawbacks like a decrease in strength compared to gold and porcelain, and resin isn’t stain-resistant in the long term.
  • Dr. Spiro Condos is ready to begin your consultation for cavity treatment with dental onlays in New York City.

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