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March 14, 2022

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

At Dental Implant Center NYC, Dr. Spiro Condos and his team can give you the full and healthy smile that you deserve with dental implants. A smile makeover can be life-changing by giving you confidence and the full function of your teeth and mouth. Dental implants in NYC may even help you to lose weight.

The nutrition and weight loss benefits of dental implants in NYC are sometimes overlooked. Learn about the most important weight loss benefits and contact us today to begin the consultation process.

It’s Easier to Bite with Dental Implants in NYC

With missing teeth, your bite will be incomplete, and it can become difficult to enjoy food. People with tooth loss or poorly fitted dentures can struggle to bite into meats and even healthy fruits and vegetables.

In these cases, you usually have only a couple of options. Struggle with the food that you want to eat and end up with a frustrating experience at every meal. Or, as most people do, make other food choices where you don’t need to bite as much, which can lead to poor diet choices and bad nutrition.

With a smile makeover including NYC dental implants, you will be able to enjoy all the food that you love with the full function of your bite. You won’t struggle at meals, so your dental implants in NYC will also eliminate awkward social moments when dining with friends, colleagues, and family.

With better food choices, you could consume fewer calories, helping you to lose or manage your weight.

Tooth Implants in NYC Allow for Proper Chewing

Biting is essential for consuming food. It’s also closely linked to chewing. When you bite into food you will need to chew it to break it down and ensure that it can be safely swallowed and digested. If you are unable to chew properly, you’ll have to eliminate a lot of different food types from your diet.

Tooth implants in NYC can complete your bite and therefore enhance your ability to chew. With the best tooth implants in NYC, your teeth will come together naturally, so you won’t have problems breaking down food with your molars and premolars.

Tooth implants in NYC, whether considering individual implants, implants and bridges, or dentures, will be designed to suit your anatomy so that you have the most comfortable bite and the easiest time chewing. Most importantly, tooth implants in NYC will be designed so that damage to your teeth from incorrect chewing will be unlikely.

Just like with biting, chewing with tooth implants in NYC will allow you to make better and more varied food choices, aiding in weight loss.

You’ll Have Fewer Digestive Problems with NYC Dental Implants

The best NYC dental implants will alleviate digestive problems that people with missing teeth and bad dentures experience. Chewing aids with digestion in a couple of key ways. Chewing with NYC dental implants (and natural teeth) helps to produce saliva which washes down food and helps digest it.

When you chew thoroughly with NYC dental implants after a smile makeover, you can avoid problems like heartburn, indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, and constipation.

By extension, being able to properly chew and bite with NYC dental implants will prevent headaches and jaw pain that are common with poorly aligned and missing teeth.

You Can Eat a Full Range of Nutritious Foods After Your Smile Makeover with Implants

Weight gain is a common symptom of people with missing teeth. Without a smile makeover at Dental Implant Center NYC, you’ll be forced to make bad food choices. If you can’t chew, you’ll be less likely to eat healthy fruits and vegetables rich in fiber. Instead of eating natural food, you’ll lean more towards processed options that are higher in calories yet easier to eat.

A smile makeover with dental implants in NYC changes everything. You won’t be restricted to soft and processed food. You’ll be able to enjoy anything that you want, without the frustration of not being able to bite and chew properly.

Begin Your Consultation with Dental Implant Center NYC

Dental Implant Center NYC is home to Dr. Spiro Condos and his experienced team. Dr. Condos is an eminent implant dentist respected for his work as a practitioner and educator. He has trained the best dentists from around the world and is known for his kind and compassionate approach to dental care.

With your consultation at Dental Implant Center NYC, you’ll learn how dental implants could change your life. The potential for weight loss through better nutrition is just one of the advantages. Treating tooth loss can keep your smile full and healthy, reduce the risk of certain diseases, and give you more confidence in every aspect of life.

If you want the best dental implants and other treatment options, it’s time to book your consultation at Dental Implant Center NYC. Talk to us today and see how our detailed consultation, advanced digital scanning and treatment planning, and the best implant surgeon will work for you.

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