The Signs You Need to Replace Partial Dentures at a Denture Center in New York

March 20, 2023

Partial dentures can be fitted by a denture center in New York to replace missing teeth. Dentures can be made to fit snugly with healthy teeth, closing the gap to complete your smile. Partial dentures from a denture center in New York can prevent the crowding of teeth while also limiting the risk of further tooth loss. While not permanent like dental implants, they can be an effective temporary treatment and may be recommended in some cases if you aren’t suited to implant treatment.

If you have partial dentures from a denture center in New York, maintaining them is essential. Here are the signs to look for that indicate it’s time for replacement or maintenance.

Five Signs You Need an NYC Denture Clinic to Replace Your Partial Denture

Several telltale signs can indicate it’s time to visit an NYC denture clinic for maintenance or replacement of your denture.

  1. If you notice an odor coming from your dentures, even with regular cleaning, it could be time to replace the unit. You can get a full consultation at an NYC denture clinic.
  2. Discoloration and staining of the denture or prosthetic tooth can leave your smile feeling less than perfect. Dentures can be cleaned in-office at an NYC denture clinic, or replaced if the staining is permanent.
  3. Changes in your mouth could indicate that you need a new partial denture fitted at an NYC denture clinic. Dentures don’t last forever and with gradual changes in your smile, the unit might not fit like when it was new. This could cause problems with speaking, biting, and chewing.
  4. Discomfort caused by a poor fit is a sure sign that you need help from an NYC denture clinic. Dentures need to sit comfortably, or they can cause irritation and even damage to soft tissues in the mouth. If you aren’t happy with how your current denture fits, you can book an appointment at an NYC denture clinic.
  5. General wear and tear are a sign that you should see your dentist in NYC for maintenance or replacement of your partial denture. Cracks, wear, or chipping on the artificial tooth, or other visible signs of damage should be presented to your dentist in NYC immediately.

Don’t ignore the signs that you need to replace, adjust, or repair a partial denture. The quality of the denture is directly linked to how comfortable it is and how effective it is at restoring the form and function of your smile.

Are You Happy with Your Dentures? Getting a Tooth Implant from Your Dentist in NYC

Dentures can be highly effective but they aren’t right for everyone. If you’re having problems with a partial denture and want an alternative, you could consider a tooth implant from your dentist in NYC.

A tooth implant could replace a single missing tooth in your mouth. You could also have several implants placed, a bridge system with implants, or even a full mouth restoration with All-On-Four dentures. At Dental Implant Center NYC we offer a complete range of solutions so that every patient can get the best outcome.

With a tooth implant, you won’t need to wear a denture. The tooth implant will be embedded in your jaw and bone will form around the implant just like with a natural tooth root. This results in a more stable and permanent restoration.

Your dentist in NYC can provide a detailed examination to determine if you’re a suitable candidate for a tooth implant. A high-quality tooth implant or implants can be maintained for a lifetime. And, unlike dentures, you can care for implants with regular brushing, rinsing, and flossing, with no extra steps. Implants are functionally superior and far more comfortable. They feel just like natural teeth. You can learn more by talking to your dentist in NYC.

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Dental Implant Center is also your denture center in New York. We can provide a range of treatments for tooth loss and offer maintenance for your existing restorations. If you’re looking for a denture center in New York, or even if you want to find alternatives to dentures, we’re ready to assist. Dr. Spiro Condos is a compassionate and highly experienced practitioner and educator who provides the best solutions to suit your budget and your unique dental needs.

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