Teeth Whitening in NYC

Teeth Whitening in NYC

There’s nothing that inspires confidence as much as beautiful, healthy, bright, and white teeth.

The foods we eat, beverages we consume, and even your age can contribute to teeth staining and yellowing. If your smile doesn’t bring you confidence as it should, our dental team can help.

Learn about teeth whitening in NYC and the benefits of our cosmetic dentistry services.

Whitening Teeth

Professional teeth whitening in NYC is a cosmetic procedure that lightens discolored teeth. Whitening is one of the oldest forms of cosmetic dentistry. Modern methods are safer and more effective than ever before, and treatments are relatively affordable when compared to other cosmetic procedures.

In-office teeth whitening is the safest and most effective way to get the smile you want. Most treatments are completed in around 30 minutes and typically result in teeth that are up to three shades lighter. Over several procedures, your teeth will be white, bright, and incredibly healthy-looking.

You can even combine whitening with routine cleaning for your convenience.

Why You Should Trust a Specialist

There are countless over-the-counter products for whitening available today. However, none of them can come close to the treatment that a professional can offer.

There are several reasons why you should only trust whitening to an experienced professional. At our practice, you can be certain of:

  • Better results, thanks to stronger whitening agents that lighten teeth by several shades per session.
  • Protection of your gums, thanks to specialist processes that keep whitening solutions on your teeth.
  • No risk of damage to your tooth enamel.
  • Protection for any existing dental work.
  • Longer lasting results.

Don’t take a risk with unproven home whitening products. Schedule professional teeth whitening in NYC and enjoy the expert care that only trained professionals can provide.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

What are the Benefits of Teeth Whitening in NYC?

The most obvious benefit of professional teeth whitening is a brighter and more attractive smile. Beyond this, you will usually experience general benefits to your oral health.

When your teeth are bright and white, you’ll be more motivated to take care of them. You’ll be likely to limit acidic foods and staining-agents like black coffee, tea, dark sodas, and even smoking. The lifestyle changes you make after teeth whitening in NYC could have significant benefits to your overall health.

Whitening sessions with Dr. Condos and his esthetic team will also include routine examination so that problems will be identified early. Tooth decay and damage will be identified so that you can seek immediate treatment.

Although whitening is primarily a cosmetic process, the follow-on benefits should not be overlooked.

Power of Your Smile

Unlock the Power of Your Smile

Remember when you weren’t afraid to smile as a child? As we age, teeth become discolored. Yellowing is a natural process of aging, and staining is common due to modern lifestyle and diet choices. If your smile doesn’t bring you confidence or if you consciously avoid smiling because of the color of your teeth, it’s time to do something about it.  Believe it or not, the profession is starting to realize that many of the best effects can be realized at about 14 years of age; after the teeth have fully formed, but before the enamel has had a chance to absorb many stains.

Teeth whitening in NYC will give you the confidence to smile and show off your dazzling teeth. You will feel more comfortable at work, when spending time with family and friends, and when meeting new people.

Smiling doesn’t just make you confident. It can attract trust and collaboration from people around you. Don’t underestimate how lifechanging a single whitening treatment can be.

Teeth Whitening NYC Frequently Asked Questions

With teeth whitening NYC you can brighten your smile and gain confidence in your personal and professional life. You’ve decided it’s time for a change, but you still have some questions about teeth whitening NYC.

Is Teeth whitening NYC covered by Insurance?

As a cosmetic procedure, teeth whitening NYC is typically not covered by insurance. However, the procedure is affordable, especially considering the benefits. Talk to us today to learn about cost and payment options.

Is Teeth Whitening NYC Permanent?

Teeth can stay bright for up to 12 months or longer when taking care to avoid acidic and dark foods that cause staining.

Does Whitening Damage Teeth?

Numerous studies have found no negative impact of teeth whitening NYC on tooth enamel or gum health.

Is Teeth Whitening NYC Safe for my Restorations?

Whitening is typically safe for existing dental work. We will evaluate your teeth and restorations and detail any risks before going ahead with the whitening procedure.

Book a Consultation Today

Teeth whitening is a safe procedure that will leave lasting benefits of confidence and inner health. If you want healthier looking teeth that reflect your inner confidence, it’s time to book your consultation. With advanced whitening procedures, we can lighten your teeth with immediate results. Several sessions will result in the smile that you’ve always wanted.

Contact us today for all of your cosmetic dentistry needs. Our practice offers complete dental and orthodontic procedures to restore, protect, and ensure a lifetime of good oral health.

To learn more about teeth whitening in NYC or to book an appointment, we welcome you to contact Dr. Condos and his dental esthetic team at  212-799-6900.

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