Soft Tissue Grafting 5 Reasons You Might Need It

December 23, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

Soft Tissue Grafting with the Best Cosmetic Dentist in NYC: 5 Reasons You Might Need It

If your teeth appear to have grown too long, you might need soft tissue grafting with the best cosmetic dentist in NYC. Teeth appear longer as the gum line recedes. In some cases, this is simply a cosmetic concern. However, when the gums recede too far, roots can become exposed, leading to pain and sensitivity, and increasing the risk of tooth decay.

Whatever the underlying cause, you can have grafting procedures performed by the best cosmetic dentist in NYC. Learn why you might need soft tissue grafting at Dental Implant Center NYC and get your smile makeover.

What is Soft Tissue Grafting?

Soft tissue grafting is a surgical procedure that can be part of a smile makeover in NYC, or part of treatment for decay and disease. The surgery is often performed with donor tissue from the roof of your mouth. In some cases, a flap is created using existing gum tissue. The surgical technique promotes regeneration and results in a healthier and fuller gumline.

For the most successful dental surgeries, insist on the best clinician in New York City. Dr. Spiro Condos has more than three decades of experience performing dental implants and a range of general and cosmetic dentistry procedures. Get the best care at Dental Implant Center NYC.

1: You Have Pain from Exposed Roots – Visit the Best Cosmetic Dentist in NYC

Pain is common, even in early cases of gum recession. As the gums recede, whether through disease or age, the sensitive areas of the tooth become exposed. This can make it painful to eat or drink, especially with particularly hot and cold foods. Acidic and sweet foods are more likely to cause pain.

The pain can range from mild to unbearable. Schedule an appointment at Dental Implant Center NYC any time that you experience tooth pain.

2: You Don’t Like How Your Gums Look – Consider a Smile Makeover in NYC

It’s very common for people to have soft tissue grafting for cosmetic concerns. Some minor recession might not pose an immediate health risk, but a smile makeover in NYC could give you more confidence in your smile.

With a smile makeover in NYC, Dr. Condos will evaluate your overall dental health while planning treatment. You can get the model smile that you’re looking for, while also taking care of your teeth and gums.

If you aren’t happy with your smile, talk to Dr. Condos and see how he and his team can give you a life-changing smile makeover in NYC.

3: Your Gums are Thin and Fragile – Grafting Can Give You a Healthy Model Smile

As gums recede, pockets develop where food particles and bacteria can accumulate. This increases the risk of tooth decay, and the condition of your gums can deteriorate rapidly. Thin and fragile gums are more likely to become inflamed, bleed, or develop an infection.

Grafting with the best cosmetic dentist in NYC can address both the look and function of your gums. With more and healthier gum tissue you’ll have a more esthetic smile with protection for your teeth.

4: Preventing Tooth Loss – A Smile Makeover in NYC Protects Your Dental Health

The problems associated with gum recession can ultimately lead to tooth loss. If you want a model smile that is protected from deterioration and decay, you can consider soft tissue grafting with the best cosmetic dentist in NYC. A smile makeover in NYC, whether it includes soft tissue grafting, cleaning and whitening, or any other treatment, will be performed with the aim of not only beautifying your smile but protecting it for the years to come.

5: Preventing Further Gum Recession – Protect Your Gums with Soft Tissue Grafting

Grafting won’t just address the recession that you’re experiencing today. It will prevent your gums from receding further. Recession occurs naturally with age. So, even if you don’t have any kind of gum disease or other dental problems, you can still consider grafting to achieve the model smile that keeps you happy and confident. You’ll reduce the risk of complications from advanced gum recession.

Visit Dental Implant Center NYC and Achieve Your Model Smile

Everyone wants a model smile with healthy teeth and gums. Dr. Spiro Condos and his team at Dental Implant Center NYC can treat gum recession and a complete range of functional and cosmetic issues. Get the smile that you’ve always wanted and see how your confidence improves at work, in personal relationships, and any social scenario.

Book your consultation with the best implant and cosmetic dentist in NYC today.

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