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June 15, 2022

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

If you’ve noticed that your teeth appear larger and longer, then you could be experiencing receding gums. Most adults will experience some form of the condition and it becomes more common with age. Receding gums, depending on the stage, can be more cosmetic than functional. However, when gums recede too much, severe complications can occur.

Whether you’re concerned about the look or the function, there are smile solutions available with the best cosmetic dentist in NYC. Learn about the causes of receding gums and get treatment at Dental Implant Center NYC.

What are the Causes of Receding Gums?

Gums can recede for several reasons. The cause will be established during diagnosis at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Periodontal diseases are a major cause of receding gums. Bacteria leads to infections that damage the soft and hard tissues that hold teeth in place. The risk of developing periodontal diseases can be increased by genetics. If your mother or father suffered from gum disease, then you are more likely to experience periodontal issues.

Trauma can also cause damage to gums. If you engage in any kind of contact sport, it’s essential to wear protection. A properly fitted mouthguard can protect both the teeth and gums. Trauma can also be caused by something as simple as brushing your teeth too aggressively.

Poor dental hygiene is a leading cause of receding gums. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing will decrease the risk, but not completely eliminate it.

Even grinding of the teeth or having untreated orthodontic issues could cause receding gums.

Lifestyle factors like heavy alcohol consumption and smoking can also cause receding gums, leading to the need for advanced smile solutions with your dentist.

Because the causes are so vast and the treatment approaches so varied, it’s important to choose a dentist that you trust for the best smile solutions. Dental Implant Center NYC is home to Dr. Spiro Condos and his experienced team. You’ll enjoy the individualized treatment approach and attention to detail, as well as Dr. Condos’ genuine compassion and empathy.

NYC Periodontics Treatments with the Best General and Best Cosmetic Dentist in NYC

NYC periodontics refers to a branch of dentistry concerning the structures that surround and support teeth. This includes the gums. NYC periodontics treatment depends on the cause and extent of the problem. Heavily receded gums will require more advanced treatment. Dr. Spiro Condos, the best cosmetic dentist in NYC, can diagnose your concern and design an effective treatment.

Some of the most common types of NYC periodontics treatment include:

    • Root Planing and Scaling – With this treatment, your dentist in NYC will clean the roots of teeth below the gum line, removing plaque and tartar that are missed during normal brushing. This helps to prevent infection and reduce irritation, allowing the gums to reattach to tooth roots. This might be the only NYC periodontics treatment that you need for a mild case.


    • Composite Restoration – Depending on the diagnosis of the best cosmetic dentist in NYC, restoration with a resin composite could be an option. A tooth-colored resin can be applied to surfaces at the roots of teeth, filling in the gap that has been left by receding gums.


  • Gum Grafting – In the most severe cases, gum grafting is an option. This type of NYC periodontics procedure is performed under local anesthesia for your comfort. A range of grafting materials can be used, including tissue from a healthy area of your mouth. Processed allograft (human donor), xenograft (animal donor), and synthetic grafting materials are also available. Grafting as an NYC periodontics treatment helps to stimulate tissue growth and the results can be fully guided by the best cosmetic dentist in NYC. Grafting is the most effective form of treatment but is usually only needed in the most advanced cases.


There are more treatment options available at Dental Implant Center NYC depending on your case. No matter the recommendation of the doctor, you’ll always be fully informed of the treatment plan and expected outcome.

Having treatment with the best cosmetic dentist in NYC ensures that the functional solution is also the most aesthetic one. With his work as an eminent implant surgeon, Dr. Condos has vast experience performing tissue grafting for dental cases.

Get the Best Cosmetic and Functional Smile Solutions with Dr. Condos

Dr. Condos is both an educator and a practitioner. He is respected around the world for his service to dentists in training and for the high level of care that he delivers to his patients. Dr. Condos can develop smile solutions that ensure long-term success. Your comfort will always be considered, and the smile solutions will be designed to ensure that the look, feel, and health of your teeth and gums are preserved or enhanced.

Book your appointment with Dr. Condos at Dental Implant Center NYC, and get the most effective smile solutions for receding gums.

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