Sinus Uplifts in NYC

February 24, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

In addition to Sinus lifts in NYC, a procedure that can be used when there is inadequate bone in the posterior upper jaw is Sinus Uplifts in NYC. This is commonly used when a smaller amount of extra bone is necessary and the sinus anatomy is favorable for this. If only 4-5 extra mm. of bone are necessary to place an implant, Sinus Uplifts in NYC can be used in conjunction with a placement of an implant to achieve a stable and long lasting result. This is also less invasive with fewer post-operative complications than other techniques.

In the above illustration of Sinus Uplifts in NYC, the drill is shown going into the molar area to make a small opening beneath the sinus. The sinus lining (Schneiderian membrane) is then gently lifted, providing room for bone to be placed underneath the main sinus cavity. It is very important to note; this procedure is not in the sinus proper; when properly performed, the bone is beneath the sinus, under the lining membrane. In this way, it does not pose any health risk, and often actually helps with sinus drainage!

As long as there is enough host bone to stabilize an implant after Sinus Uplifts in NYC, an implant is placed into the newly grafted bone. The implant actually helps stabilize the bone graft and it is preferred to place the implant simultaneously with the graft. The implant is then often kept under the gums for an appropriate healing time of anywhere between 4 and 9 months, and then exposed in a minor procedure prior to having a new tooth placed onto it. If the stability of the implant is sufficient, a post such as the blue post in the picture above is immediately placed onto the implant and no further surgery is required.

There are many advantages to Sinus Uplifts in NYC; decreased healing time, discomfort, swelling, infection are all major pluses. Sinus Uplifts in NYC is increasingly being used here for all these reasons.

It is a good idea to look at the difference between Sinus Lifts in NYC and Sinus Uplifts in NYC to understand their indications and usage. Below is a pictorial description of Sinus Lifts in NYC;

An opening is gently made into the side of the area to be grafted. This is termed the window into the sinus and is also termed the “Lateral Wall Approach”. It is important to note that the membrane should not be perforated at this time if possible. If the membrane sustains a perforation (hole) for any reason, a collagen membrane is then placed over the opening and it is effectively sealed off.

The window is then pushed inwards, raising the floor of the sinus upwards, as we create a new floor of the sinus. Here we see the membrane folds in on itself as the bony window is raised.

Bone is then placed into a carrier and gently placed into the void that is left by the raising of the lateral wall bony window. A total of anywhere from 2-6 cc of bone is placed into the opening, depending on the size of the sinus and the amount of bone and length of the implants being placed.

Implants are then placed, either simultaneously or at a later date. The grafted bone is replaced by the body’s own bone over the next few months. During this healing period you are not limited in any way; you can eat any foods you were eating before, go on a plane, go swimming, and in general lead your normal life. After the healing period of 3-9 months, new teeth are fitted to the implants and you can begin chewing almost any food you like.

It is easy to see the difference between Sinus Uplifts in NYC and Sinus Lifts in NYC; Sinus Uplifts in NYC is used for smaller cases, Sinus Lifts in NYC for larger ones. By being adept at both techniques, Dr. Condos can serve a wide variety of patients and choose the optimum procedure on an individual and highly specific basis.

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