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To better support dental implants, sinus lifts in NYC are used to increase bone volume in the upper jaw. When teeth have been lost, decayed, or removed, bone can deteriorate and reabsorb. Conditions like periodontitis can also compromise bone, leading to the need for sinus lifts in NYC.

If you’re considering restoration with dental implants, you may need procedures like ridge augmentations, ridge expansion, ridge splitting, or block grafting. Learn about sinus lifts NYC and related procedures that are performed by Dr. Spiro Condos and his expert dental team.

What is a Sinus Lift Bone Augmentation?

A sinus lift is a type of bone augmentation surgery where new bone is added to your upper jaw. Bone augmentation between the molars and premolars helps to create a stable foundation for implants, by improving the bone condition and density.

The sinus membrane is lifted during the procedure, which is how sinus lifts NYC get their name.

Why Would I Need Sinus Lifts and Bone Augmentations?

Dental implants integrate with bone to replace natural roots. You can’t have implants if there’s not enough bone material in place. In some cases, your sinuses may be too close to your jaw, requiring a sinus lift.

There are several reasons why you would need sinus lifts in NYC or bone augmentation and ridge augmentations. The most common include:

    • You have experienced tooth loss that has gone untreated, causing bone density to decrease.
    • You have untreated periodontal disease (gum disease) that has compromised existing bone.
    • You have lost the teeth in your upper jaw and the bone has been compromised.
    • Your maxillary sinus is too near the upper jaw to successfully complete an implant procedure.

Dental implants have become more affordable as materials and techniques have advanced. Countless people of all ages in New York City choose to have implants to restore their smiles and the full function of their mouths.

If you want a smile that brings confidence, a full row of teeth, and a mouth that is free of disease, you can have your consultation with Dr. Condos to talk about sinus lifts NYC and bone augmentation today.

How Are Sinus Lifts NYC Performed?

A simple sinus lift involves entering the sinus cavity from above the missing upper teeth, to relocate the membrane upwards. Grafts are then placed into the sinus floor. In cases where significant bone density has been lost, the lift will be performed first, before the grafting procedures that can then take several months to complete.

To determine the type of sinus lift and any additional grafting or augmentation that is needed, Dr. Condos will use X-ray imaging or CT scanning to evaluate bone structure and condition.

Your surgical options will be explained in detail, and Dr. Condos will proceed with the sinus lift and any necessary grafting procedures, including block grafting, with your authorization. Undergoing a sinus lift and any form of bone grafting is relatively straightforward, but the healing time can be significant. While some grafts can be fully integrated within two to three months, the more significant restoration procedures can take up to six months, or in rare cases longer, to heal.

Ultimately, you’ll be left with a healthy bone that is ready to support an implant or several implants, so the time pays off. If you’re ready to learn more about sinus lifts NYC, you can contact Dental Implant Center NYC to book your consultation.

Additional Bone Grafting Procedures May Be Necessary to Prepare for Implants

In addition to sinus lifts NYC, procedures like ridge splitting, ridge augmentations, and ridge expansion may be needed. The specific type of procedure depends upon the condition of your existing bone.

Lost bone in an otherwise ideal jaw can be addressed with bone grafting through ridge augmentations. A bone that is too short or narrow can be addressed with ridge expansion. In some cases, ridge splitting can be used to widen the jawbone. For large sections of lost or compromised bone, block grafting techniques are used.

Ridge Augmentations

In addition to sinus lifts NYC, ridge augmentations can be used to prepare for implants. Ridge augmentations are a type of bone grafting where regeneration is guided along the alveolar ridges of your mouth (the jaw ridges where your teeth sit).

Ridge augmentations are performed by removing compromised bone and filling in the space with bone grafting materials like particulates, putties, and plugs. You may need ridge augmentations if you’ve lost bone material to disease or reabsorption.

Ridge Expansion

A ridge expansion is a form of bone grafting that can be performed along with sinus lifts in NYC. A ridge expansion is used for severe cases where the bone has been heavily damaged or reabsorbed. Unlike typical augmentation, a ridge expansion procedure is used to add density and reshape the jaw ridge. The bony ridge of the jaw can be increased in height or width during ridge expansion, depending on your unique needs.

Following successful ridge expansion, you will be ready to receive your new dental implants.

Ridge Splitting

Ridge splitting is another surgical procedure that can be used to prepare your jaw for dental implants. Ridge splitting increases the width of the jaw so that there is enough bulk to support one or more implants. Unlike expansion performed with grafting, ridge splitting separates the bone into two halves so that there is adequate space to place an implant.

Between the two halves, bone material is placed to maintain the new width of the bone. Once the healing process has been completed, dental implants can be installed.

Block Grafting

Bone block grafting may be a viable solution if you’ve lost significant amounts of bone in the upper or lower jaw. Block grafting uses large blocks of bone that are screwed into the ridge and allowed to reintegrate. The process of block grafting allows for the replacement of large compromised or reabsorbed sections of natural bone.

Dr. Condos Offers the Most Extensive Sinus Lift and Bone Grafting Solutions

No matter how advanced your dental problems are, Dr. Condos can develop solutions. From sinus lifts to bone grafting, and jaw augmentation to reshaping, it’s possible to create a solid foundation for healthy implants that restore your smile and your confidence.

Schedule your consultation for sinus lifts NYC by contacting Dr. Condos at Dental Implant Center NYC today.

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