Sinus Lifts in NYC

March 17, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos


Often, there is just not enough bone to place a dental implant. When this happens in the back part of your upper jaw, a sinus lift may be required to solve this problem. 

Too often, people have to limit their jaw functioning or accept a removable denture as their only choice for a better life. Our Sinus Lifts in NYC offer an important option for the overwhelming majority of people suffering from edentulism.  They can help restore appearance, chewing ability, speaking ability, taste sensation and most importantly, confidence.  You don’t have to worry about your teeth falling out, your looks, or your smile, and you can confidently bite into that apple or steak you have been missing out on for so much time. Our Sinus lifts in NYC can actually help restore your taste sensation by exposing the taste buds in the roof of your mouth that may have been covered by a removable denture. Sinus Lifts allow for a dental implant to be placed in your mouth, to allow for a better overall lifestyle.


First, a CAT scan is taken of the entire sinus to ensure we know every bit of the anatomy of your sinus.  This also helps to identify any infections or other pathology that may cause later problems.

We pre-medicate you, starting the night before surgery, with one of several antibiotics specific for sinus infections, usually Augmentin or Zithromax.  Sometimes pre-or post-operative medicines are prescribed to limit swelling and inflammation. Your dentist at the Dental Implant Center NYC will advise you of the best options.



In this side view (see image) of the back of the mouth, we see there are no teeth, and no bone in the upper jaw, and we would like to place two to three implants in the upper jaw to regain chewing ability on that side.

The sinus is also very large and not amenable to more basic techniques. This is a perfect indication for Sinus lifts in NYC.




There are three basic structures in this area, the gums, the bone, and the lining membrane of the sinus, named the Schneiderian membrane. When carrying out treatments of Sinus Lifts in NYC, we consider that the gums are gently raised-off of the bone and a “window” is opened in the bone, exposing the delicate sinus lining membrane. This is then teased-off of the underlying bone until a large enough area of the sinus is exposed to accommodate the necessary bone graft.

The bone graft is then placed into the space until enough material is placed to accommodate a future implant.  Note that this does not obliterate the entire sinus, the sinus is much larger than the area needed to place an implant!

A collagen membrane is then placed over the membrane to protect the bone graft in the Sinus Lift, and the gums are securely sutured together.  Happily, it has been our experience that pain is rarely a problem, and in most cases over the counter painkillers are all that is necessary to have a comfortable post-operative experience.  Ice is strongly recommended to limit swelling.

Once the Sinus Lift in NYC is completed, you will need to return post-surgery to the clinic. Sutures are removed after two weeks and then you can go about your life in almost any way you wish; fly in an airplane, eat any foods you like and participate in any sports.

After a period of between 3-9 months, the bone graft has had a chance to turn over into your own bone, and the requisite implants are placed in after the Sinus Lifts in NYC, at our dental practice.  Another waiting period then ensues of between 3 and 6 months. The exact time period is determined by precisely measuring the rigidity of the implants in the new bone, using accurate torque measuring devices. Your dentist will advise when it is time to revisit for these post Sinus Lift appointments.



In this view, we can see all of the fundamental parts of the procedure of the Sinus Lifts in NYC.

The bone has been grafted underneath the sinus membrane, implants have been placed, and most importantly, the teeth have been restored to their original shape, appearance and function.


For further information on Sinus Lifts in NYC, or to book an appointment with the Dental Implant Center NYC for a consultation to see if dental implants are the right solution for you, we welcome you to contact us.

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