Full Row Tooth Restoration with Overdentures NYC

Missing teeth can compromise your physical health and your quality of life. Without a full row of teeth, top or bottom, you can find it difficult to enjoy the foods that you love. Tooth loss can also sap your confidence, leaving you embarrassed by your appearance.

Overdentures in NYC are an alternative to traditional dentures, giving you a cost-effective and long-term solution to tooth loss caused by damage, decay, and age.

Learn about endosteal implants NYC with Dr. Spiro Condos and his experienced dental team

What Are Overdentures NYC?

Overdentures in NYC are custom replacement teeth that are supported by titanium endosteal implants. Overdentures can be fitted with just two implants to support them, making the process cost-effective with a reduced recovery time when compared to hybrid dentures that use more endosteal implants in NYC.

Overdentures can replace an entire row of lost teeth, restoring function, and developing a beautiful smile that brings confidence.

How do Overdentures with Endosteal Implants NYC Work?

Overdentures with endosteal implants in NYC are designed in a laboratory to fit your mouth and gumline perfectly. Supported by two implants, these dentures are semi-permanent and can be removed for cleaning. They snap into place on the implant anchoring points.

There are several advantages to overdentures. They are more comfortable than traditional dentures and offer more stability. They’ll feel more natural in your mouth and you’ll be able to enjoy food like you would with natural teeth.

The endosteal implants in NYC used to support overdentures help to distribute weight when biting and chewing, evenly dispersing the pressure on your jaw. With endosteal implants in NYC, bone density loss will be reduced, helping to preserve your natural smile and facial structure.

Are Overdentures Right for Me?

The process of getting overdentures in NYC is longer than traditional dentures, due to the preparation and healing time after having your implants placed. However, you’ll enjoy the long term benefits like not having to use poorly adhered traditional dentures.

Overdentures could be perfect for you if:

      • You have ample bone density to support the implants and dentures.
      • You have significant tooth loss or decay that could lead to long-term complications.
      • You are looking for a more durable and comfortable alternative to traditional dentures.
      • You are in good health and don’t have any underlying condition that could compromise healing around implants.

    Most people are suitable candidates for overdenture tooth replacement in New York. The best way to learn more and explore all of your options is to schedule an appointment with Dr. Spiro Condos and his team today.

How Long Will My Implants Last?

Overdentures can last a long time when well-fitted by an expert clinician like Dr. Spiro Condos. Younger patients in good health who regularly care for their dentures will find that they last for up to ten years and even more in some cases.

Patients with significant bone loss may find that dentures don’t last as long before requiring restoration or adjustment. Bone health and stability will be assessed before moving ahead with overdentures in NYC.

Dr. Condos will present all of the available options with cost and long-term outcomes considered. As one of the most experienced dental professionals in America, Dr. Condos will present the best solutions for your oral health.

Caring for Overdentures in NYC

Overdentures and endosteal implants in NYC will last longer when properly cared for. Overdentures are removable and should be taken out and cleaned each night to help preserve their look and function. Both the prosthetic attachment and the gums should be cleaned to remove bacteria and food debris that could cause infection, irritation, or damage to dentures and implants.

Regular cleanings at a dental clinic will help to ensure that overdentures last for years without the need for premature replacement or restoration. Overall, overdentures require less maintenance than traditional dentures.

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Take control of your health and ensure that you get the function of a full row of teeth with a beautiful smile that brings you confidence every day.

Dr. Condos offers solutions for even the dental problems that seem insurmountable. He is an instructor to professors and dentists around the world and his skills are recognized globally. For compassionate care that is focused entirely on your needs and long-term goals, trust in Dr. Condos and his team at Dental Implant Center NYC.

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