Orthodontics in NYC

Orthodontics in NYC is a specialty branch of dentistry that corrects alignment and positional issues with the teeth and jaws.

Dental Implant Center NYC offers complete orthodontic services to ensure long term oral health and a beautiful, well-aligned smile. Learn more about orthodontic dentistry and how our talented team can help.

What is Orthodontic Dentistry?

In orthodontic dentistry, the goal is always to create ideal alignment for the teeth and jaws. Procedures include the use of braces and retainers to move jaws and teeth into alignment over time. Braces come first, while retainers are worn over an extended period to maintain teeth in the ideal position while bone reforms and resets around them.

If you have crooked teeth, or an irregular bite (such as an overbite or underbite), you could be the ideal candidate for orthodontics in NYC. It can be a suitable treatment plan for children and adults alike, and can also be incorporated into a treatment plan with the placement of dental implants, for a beautiful smile.

Are You a Candidate for Orthodontics in NYC?

Children need a consultation with an orthodontist early in life. It’s recommended that your children have their teeth examined by a specialist by the time they are seven years of age. This is a period when the jaw is still developing, and it’s helpful to discover issues early.

Most children have orthodontics installed when they are between 9 and 15 years old. Adults can also have braces or other devices to treat problems with bite and tooth alignment. Most adult patients fall within a range of 26 to 44 years of age, however, there are no real limitations on when orthodontics in NYC can be used on healthy people. Patients right up to their 60s and beyond can have braces fitted to improve oral health and alignment, indeed we have treated many patients 60+ years old.

How Long do Procedures Take?

Orthodontics move teeth and jaws into alignment by restricting or guiding their movement over a period of time. Treatment is customized for each patient. The average time to wear braces is between 18 and 24 months. Invisalign can move teeth with removable clear plastic trays that work without braces.

Significant improvements occur within the first six months, but orthodontics in NYC need time to work. Removing braces too early could lead to further complications and could waste all the time spent on correcting the alignment.

For the first six months after having braces removed, a retainer is worn for up to 22 hours a day. Our orthodontists will usually recommend a retainer be worn at nighttime for another six to twelve months. Beyond this period, a retainer can be worn as infrequently as 3 to 5 times per week.

How Invisalign Can Create a Flawless Smile

Traditional braces aren’t the only solution for orthodontics. Invisalign is a modern treatment method that uses clear aligners to straighten teeth, close gaps, correct crowding, and address issues with bite.

Invisalign is preferred by many people today because it eliminates the cosmetic stigma and embarrassment that comes from wearing braces over a long period. Invisalign devices are virtually invisible and they can be removed for brushing and eating. Most patients who have this form of treatment find it to be practical and comfortable.

No matter your age, you’ll want to know more about the advantages of Invisalign. Schedule a consultation today to find out if these custom orthodontics are right for you.

Consider Orthodontics in NYC

Some common signs can indicate you need orthodontics. These include:

  • Crowded teeth.
  • Difficulty chewing and talking.
  • Frequent pain in the jaw.
  • Issues with an overbite or underbite.
  • Issues with a crossbite where an upper tooth is behind its opposing lower tooth.

These issues can lead to problems in facial structure, long term problems eating, changes in facial appearance, and excessive wear or fractures to your teeth.

Whether you need treatment for yourself or even an adolescent child, our team can help. Contact us now to book an appointment and enjoy specialist care with a focus on long-term results.

Is Invisalign Easy to Care For?

There’s a misconception that orthodontics NYC are difficult to maintain and care for. Traditional braces come with significant restrictions, which can create anxiety when preparing for any treatment related to orthodontics NYC.

Invisalign is different. These unique dental attachments have changed the way that practitioners and patients see orthodontics NYC. Care and upkeep are minimal, and the results are impressive, especially when looking at minor or moderate cases of misalignment.

If you are recommended Invisalign treatment orthodontics NYC, you will have to make some minor lifestyle changes. The attachments should be worn for up to 22 hours every day, and you’ll need to remove them while eating or drinking anything but plain water. Any lifestyle change is far overshadowed by the benefits you will gain from innovative orthodontics NYC.

For advanced orthodontics NYC that correct alignment and issues with your bite, Dr. Condos is ready for your consultation.

To learn more about orthodontic options in NYC or to book an appointment, we welcome you to contact Dr. Condos and his dental esthetic team at 212-799-6900.

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