Mini Dental Implants NYC

Dental implants are used to replace lost teeth, support dentures or bridges, and restore your smile. With a talented implant dentist like Dr. Spiro Condos, you can fully restore an entire row of teeth for a natural appearance, comfortable bite, and full function of your mouth.

In addition to traditional implants, mini dental implants in NYC are becoming more popular every year. These are smaller than traditional implants and offer several unique advantages.

Learn if mini dental implants in New York are right for you and get treatment at Dental Implant Center NYC.

What are Mini Dental Implants NYC?

Mini implants are a type of dental implant and a popular alternative to standard-sized implants. Most dental implants measure 3.4mm to 5.8mm, in diameter. Mini dental implants in NYC are much smaller, averaging 1.8mm to 3.3mm in diameter.

Although smaller, these implants perform the same role as standard sized equivalents. They can be used as the foundation points for dentures, or to support fixed crowns and implant-supported bridges. Lower arch dentures and loose dentures can also be affixed to mini dental implants in NYC.

While they can be used anywhere in the mouth, most surgeons limit the use of mini dental implants in New York to specific areas. Replacing front teeth, smaller teeth in the mouth, pre-molars, and teeth that are in narrow or crowded areas are examples of when Dr. Condos would recommend mini dental implants in NYC.

What are the Advantages of Mini Dental Implants New York?

The advantages of these compact yet highly capable implants are linked to their main features.

  • Mini dental implants are smaller so they can fit into tight or crowded spaces better.
  • Mini dental implants cost in NYC is lower than that of traditional implants.
  • There is no screw used, so each implant is less complex. Prosthetic attachments are mounted to the implant using a socket and o-ring.

Most importantly, mini dental implants in New York are less invasive, due to their compact size. Surgeries are less complex and take less time to complete. Healing times are typically shorter when compared to larger implants.

In the rare case that a mini dental implant fails, removal won’t usually require any bone grafting before a replacement can be fitted.

Using Mini Dental Implants for Dentures

If you need dentures to replace missing teeth, you can consider having your dentures mounted to mini dental implants. Loose and partial dentures can be made with socketed attachments that connect with mini implants along the ridge of your gumline. Some denture systems can use as few as two implants at the front, while others add two more at the back of the mouth to improve stability and weight distribution. Loose dentures can be snapped on and off for maintenance and cleaning.

Patients often prefer dentures on implants because there’s no need for messy adhesives and the prosthetic attachment can last longer and look more natural.

For whole row restoration, four or six mini implants can be used. Because the mini dental implants cost in NYC is lower than regular implants, dentures become more accessible to a larger group of the population.

At Dental Implant Center NYC we are committed to providing affordable options for our patients. If you want to learn more about mini dental implants and find out if they’re right for you, simply schedule an appointment with Dr. Condos today.

What is the Procedure for Installing Mini Dental Implants New York?

Mini dental implants in New York take less time to install with a less invasive procedure. The implants are placed into the bone where there are no nerve endings, so pain during and after the procedure is minimal. Some patients don’t even need painkillers after mini implants have been installed.

One of the reasons that Dr. Condos recommends implantation to restore teeth is because the implant material integrates with the natural bone and prevents atrophy. This helps to maintain the shape of the jaw and the overall structure of the face. Mini implants integrate just like their larger counterparts, and they can help to prevent the loss of bone density.

The procedure for mini dental implants in New York can be completed in a single day in a healthy mouth. You can walk in and out of the clinic with a full restoration.

How Much do Mini Dental Implants Cost NYC

While many procedures for mini dental implants in NYC range from $500 – $1,500 there’s no real ‘ballpark’ cost for patients. The specifics depend on the type of restoration, how many implants are needed, and whether any other restoration work needs to be completed before implantation. There’s also the cost of prosthetics to consider.

Dr. Condos is one of New York’s most experienced dental implant professionals. If you want to learn mini dental implants cost in NYC for your unique case, call today to book your appointment.

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