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December 30, 2022

With advanced tooth decay comes the risk of infection spreading to the nerve and pulp of a tooth. Root canal treatment can remove the infection and save your tooth.

Dr. Spiro Condos has more than three decades of experience in providing reliable, comfortable, and compassionate treatment for families in New York. When you need an NYC family dentist for root canal treatment or anything else, Dr. Condos is here.

Learn the signs that indicate you might need root canal treatment and get detailed care with the best dentist in NYC.

5 Signs That You Need Root Canal Treatment with Your NYC Family Dentist

It’s hard to miss the signs that you might need root canal treatment from your NYC family dentist. You mustn’t ignore pain or any other changes in your mouth. Ignoring the problem can lead to complications requiring a more complex treatment plan.

Here’s what you should look for before you call your NYC family dentist.

  1. Bad Breath and a Bad Taste in the Mouth – Persistent bad breath and bad flavors in the mouth can indicate that you have an infection in your gums or one of your teeth. Even if it isn’t related to root canal treatment, it’s something that you need to tell your NYC family dentist about.
  2. Tooth Damage – Any kind of tooth damage can eventually lead to an infection in the pulp of a tooth. Chips, cracks, and other signs of damage shouldn’t be ignored, even if there’s no associated pain. Restoring the tooth can prevent the need for complex treatment.
  3. Pimples on Your Gums – If you have pimples and bumps on your gums around the tooth, it’s a sign that there’s already an infection deep in the root. These bumps can swell and may or may not be painful. They may come and go or may drain, leaving a foul-tasting fluid in your mouth.
  4. Swollen Gums – If your gums swell or darken in color, it’s an indication that there’s an infection either in the soft tissue of the gums or deep in the root of the tooth. Swelling may cause bleeding after brushing, as well as pain when eating and drinking. Don’t ignore this. Book an appointment with your NYC family dentist to get to the cause of the issue.
  5. Pain and Sensitivity – The most obvious symptom of a deep tooth infection is pain and sensitivity. The pulp of every tooth is filled with connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. When the tooth is compromised, these nerves can become exposed, leading to pain, especially when eating and drinking. Pain is a clear indicator that you have a problem. You should book an appointment immediately.

These symptoms can be shared with other problems that don’t require root canal therapy. That’s why it’s important to present these to your dentist so that you can get an accurate diagnosis, followed by individualized treatment planning.

The Procedure for Root Canal Treatment with Your Dentist in NYC

For root canal therapy, Dr. Condos will remove the pulp from the infected tooth. The tooth will be thoroughly irrigated and cleaned, before being filled with a special dental filling material. Any infected organic material will be removed, ensuring that reinfection is unlikely.

During the procedure, the canals (interior shape of the roots) will be cleaned and shaped by your dentist in NYC. If there’s an abscess below the tooth, this will be drained as part of the procedure.

The tooth will be sealed with a filling, or in some cases a crown if the damage is extensive.

In essence, a root canal removes the interior of the tooth and replaces it with a substitute material. This leaves you with a solid and resilient tooth without needing to remove it.

Is it Better to Save the Tooth or Get an NYC Dental Implant?

In most cases, it’s better to save the natural tooth rather than to extract and place an NYC dental implant.

NYC dental implants replace teeth and roots. Root canal therapy with your dentist in NYC could preserve a tooth, potentially for a lifetime, saving you both time and money in the treatment. NYC dental implants require a more intensive surgical procedure, a longer healing time, and the cost is higher.

However, there are cases where an NYC dental implant could be the best option for you. If the tooth is heavily degraded and unlikely to respond well to a restoration, Dr. Condos may recommend extraction.

It’s important to have options to address your dental concerns. Dr. Condos will carefully evaluate your case to determine the best course of action and make a recommendation to you. Sometimes that involves an NYC dental implant, but in many cases, a root canal will be preferred.

Book Endodontic Treatment with Your Dentist in NYC

Dr. Condos is your dentist in NYC. He and his team are ready to provide compassionate, thorough, and effective care. Look for the symptoms that you need root canal treatment. When you notice problems with your teeth, book an appointment at Dental Implant Center NYC.

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