Invisalign in NYC – Orthodontic Treatment for a Perfect Smile

April 9, 2023

Orthodontic treatments are planned to correct issues related to the position and alignment of teeth. Overbites, underbites, crossbites, and spacing issues can all be treated with orthodontic solutions and your dentist in NYC.

At Dental Implant Center NYC, Invisalign is a non-invasive treatment option that can provide results comparable to braces, with much more convenience. Invisalign in NYC is a more aesthetic orthodontic solution that is available for patients of all ages.

Learn about Invisalign in NYC, how it’s used for orthodontic treatment, and book your appointment at Dental Implant Center NYC.

You Can Get Orthodontic Treatment with Your Dentist in NYC

Orthodontic treatment begins with your dentist in NYC. You don’t need to see a specialist to straighten your smile and correct gaps, irregular spacing, or problems with alignment and your bite.

Your dentist in NYC is trained to provide treatment with Invisalign, ensuring that you have a cost-efficient and comfortable solution for your orthodontic concerns. Clear aligners like Invisalign in NYC are designed to correct minor, moderate, and complex misalignment issues. The average treatment can last up to six months, but it depends on the complexity of the problem and how much correction is needed. You will learn about the treatment approach when you visit your dentist in NYC.

Invisalign in NYC works differently from traditional orthodontic appliances. The treatment is non-invasive, so there’s no need for the placement of brackets and wires. Your dentist in NYC can guide you through the treatment process but you won’t need to visit the office for every incremental adjustment. This is a significant advantage when comparing Invisalign with your dentist in NYC, to braces placed by an orthodontist.

How Does Invisalign Work at Dental Implant Center NYC?

Invisalign in NYC is a clear aligner system that can straighten and realign your teeth without the need for metal braces. You will wear plastic aligners throughout the treatment period. Adjustments are made by simply changing your aligners out, which gradually moves your teeth into the correct position. Aligners are nearly invisible, hence the name, and are worn for most of the day. You’ll only remove them to clean your teeth, eat, and drink anything other than water.

  • The first step is your consultation at Dental Implant Center NYC. Dr. Condos will examine your teeth and take some scans to evaluate your bite.
  • A treatment plan will be developed using impressions and X-Ray scans. With a 3D model of your teeth, you’ll get a customized treatment plan so you can visualize the changes over the total treatment time.
  • With the plan finalized, your Invisalign aligners will be produced in the dental lab. Each set is slightly different, to gradually move your teeth. This is similar to how braces are adjusted, except you can simply switch aligners, and you won’t need to come to the office for adjustments.
  • You wear your aligners for up to 22 hours a day. They’re comfortable and people won’t even notice that you’re wearing them.
  • Periodic visits to the office will still be necessary to check your teeth and the progress of your treatment. The frequency will be set by Dr. Condos and his team.

When the treatment is completed, your teeth will be aligned to a healthy and naturally beautiful position. You may need to wear a retainer temporarily after treatment to ensure that your teeth remain in their new positions.

You can start your journey towards a beautifully healthy smile by booking your consultation at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Can You Get Cosmetic Dentistry and Invisalign?

There are ways to combine cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign. Your treatment with clear aligners can be part of a wider approach to a smile makeover. Teeth whitening, for example, is something that can be performed before or during treatment with Invisalign.

Cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign can also cover treatments that you get after your teeth are corrected. If you have superficial damage to your teeth or problems with the shape of your teeth, you could have bonding or veneers placed after Invisalign treatment.

The order of the specific treatments will matter. Cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign aren’t always available at the exact same time, but there will always be options to address your dental concerns by taking carefully planned steps.

Cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign should be planned in conjunction if you are intending to have both types of treatment. Dr. Spiro Condos at Dental Implant Center NYC can develop a comprehensive treatment plan to address any of your dental concerns, ensuring that the outcome exceeds your expectations.

You can book an appointment with us today to learn more about your options for cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign in NYC.

Talk to Dr. Condos About Invisalign in NYC

Invisalign in NYC is a more convenient option for orthodontic treatment. Comfortable, convenient, and effortless to adjust, Invisalign can create the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Book your appointment with Dr. Condos today and look forward to your best smile ever. The team at Dental Implant Center NYC is ready to start treatment planning for your concerns.

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