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July 14, 2022

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

Age-related tooth loss is something that everyone will have to face eventually. Even when carefully following a dental hygiene routine, more than 70% of seniors experience some form of tooth loss. Effective treatment is available at a family dentist in NYC, but there’s sometimes confusion surrounding the best option for seniors.

Should seniors get tooth implants in New York? Or are traditional dentures a better option? Dr. Spiro Condos is an experienced practitioner providing tooth implants in New York. Compassionate care is focused on success and comfort for every patient.

Get your questions answered to help you decide on implants or dentures at Dental Implant Center, your family dentist in NYC.

How Old is Too Old for Tooth Implants in New York at Your Family Dentist?

Is there an age limit on treatment with tooth implants in New York? This is actually a fairly common question, and it’s quite easy to answer.

Seniors are generally classified as patients over 65 years of age.

Whether you or a loved one is 60, 70, 80, or even older, the chances are that implants are available at your family dentist in NYC. There’s no actual age limit on tooth implants in New York. In fact, healing and recovery are predictable and consistent regardless of age in most cases. The only exception is when other underlying conditions could affect healing.

When you visit a trusted dental clinic in NYC, you’ll have confidence knowing that a treatment recommendation will be made after a complete examination and review of medical conditions and history.

Which Treatment is More Affordable at a Dental Clinic in NYC?

Dentures are known to be an affordable treatment for tooth loss, while tooth implants in New York are often associated with a high cost. The reality is that both treatment options can end up being similar in price at a dental clinic in NYC.

Traditional dentures from a dental clinic in NYC won’t last forever. Implants, on the other hand, can last for a lifetime. There’s also different pricing based on the quality of dentures. Precision dentures have a similar cost to implants at a dental clinic in NYC.

The price of any procedure will be determined by the complexity and the materials used. You can learn about the cost of implants for seniors with Dr. Condos and his team at the best dental clinic in NYC. Payment options are available at Dental Implant Center NYC, and we always strive for cost efficiency without compromising the quality of the treatment.

All on 4 Dental Implants in New York for Seniors

All on 4 dental implants in New York are popular with patients seeking a full arch replacement. Compared to dentures, All on 4 dental implants in New York provide significant advantages. The denture is fixed in place to the implants, and bone density loss is significantly reduced. It’s easier to care for All on 4 dental implants in New York, which is another advantage for seniors.

All on 4 dental implants in New York are also more functional than traditional dentures. They provide a biting force more comparable to natural teeth, so there aren’t any major food restrictions. Dentures do significantly limit the types of food that can be enjoyed.

It’s also easier to speak with All on 4 dental implants in New York and they are significantly more comfortable. Dr. Condos and his staff at Dental Implant Center NYC can provide the best treatment with reliable All on 4 implants.

The permanent denture is supported by four individual implants at the front and sides of the arch, so surgical and recovery time are minimized. This system is available at your family dentist in NYC.

Single Tooth Implants for Seniors

Mini dental implants and standard-sized implants are available for seniors in New York. If just one or two teeth are missing, then single implants are the best choice. These replace both the root and the tooth with a system including an implant post, abutment, and prosthetic.

Dr. Condos and His Team Are Your Best Choice for a Family Dentist in NYC

For seniors in good health, implants from a trusted family dentist in NYC are safe and cost-effective. Compared to dentures, implant systems are more comfortable and convenient. Implants can last for a lifetime, while dentures need maintenance and replacement, which can add to the cost over time.

For teeth that look and feel natural, book an appointment with Dr. Condos at Dental Implant Center NYC. Dr. Condos provides detailed treatment planning and his compassionate and understanding approach is ideal for seniors who have concerns about implant surgery.

Dental Implant Center is your local family dentist in NYC.

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