How Long do NYC Dental Implants Last and Why?

February 16, 2022

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

NYC dental implants are the most reliable form of long-term tooth replacement. Implants can restore both the function and esthetic of your smile. With the best implant dentist in NYC, you can enjoy a compassionate and detailed approach to your care for the best results.

You can get the best treatment at Dental Implant Center NYC.

If you’ve been told that you need NYC dental implants, you’re probably wondering how long implants last. Let’s explore the topic and see why tooth implants in New York are considered the gold standard for a fully restored smile.

How Long do NYC Dental Implants Last? Longer Than You Might Think

In some cases, NYC dental implants can last for a lifetime. No matter where you are in the world, a talented surgeon with detailed treatment planning can give you a long-term solution that restores the full function of your teeth.

NYC dental implants and implants placed anywhere in the world by a respected surgeon can last up to 25 years in most cases. Depending on your age when implants are placed, they could last the rest of your life. Detailed studies are limited but there are cases where implants have remained in place without complication for more than 25 years.

The crowns (replacement teeth) are the most likely element to fail. Once the implant post has fused with the bone, it has a high chance of remaining stable for as long as the bone and gums are healthy.

Implant crowns typically last for around 10 to 15 years.

Dental Implants in NYC Replace Teeth and Roots

Dental implants in NYC are considered permanent teeth replacements. This is because they will remain in place for as long as the implant post and crown are intact and surrounded by healthy tissue.

Unlike other restoration options, dental implants in NYC replace both the teeth and roots. Functionally, they are identical to healthy natural teeth.

The implant post acts as the root. It is typically made from titanium and is inserted into the jawbone. The post for dental implants in NYC stimulates the jawbone to prevent bone resorption and loss. It is threaded to ensure strong engagement. The surface is usually etched or blasted to encourage the attachment and proliferation of bone cells. When fully fused, the post becomes an integral part of the jawbone.The process is known as osseointegration.

Dental implants in NYC and other parts of the world last so long because they replace natural teeth with the same mechanical function. Crowns are attached to the top of the implant post. Crowns don’t last as long as the post itself, but dental implants in NYC are easily maintained and crowns can be easily replaced at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Caring for Tooth Implants in New York

You can care for tooth implants in New York just like you would your natural teeth. Because they are functionally identical to natural teeth, you can brush, floss, and rinse to maintain your oral hygiene at home.

Tooth implants in New York should also be maintained by the best implant dentist in NYC. Most tooth implants in New York should be checked by a dentist every six months. In some cases, checkups may be required three times yearly.

At Dental Implant Center NYC, you will receive a long-term care plan to ensure that your replacement teeth and all of your natural teeth are cared for with frequent checkups and cleanings. Dr. Condos is the best implant dentist in NYC offering treatment with implants and implant-supported dentures.

Tooth implants in New York are the best choice when you want easy maintenance and the best long-term treatment success.

Get Implant Treatment with the Best Implant Dentist in NYC

Knowing how long implants can last and how easy they can be to care for, you can book an appointment at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Dr. Spiro Condos is the best implant dentist in NYC.

  • Dr. Condos believes in a hands-on approach to the overall treatment and maintenance process. He treats one patient at a time to ensure detailed care.
  • At Dental Implant Center NYC, Dr. Condos uses a Cerec Digital Scanner to aid in diagnosis and treatment planning. Digital scanning and implantology allow for the most accurate restorations.

With the best implant dentist in NYC, you’ll never feel like your treatment is rushed. Every patient gets ample time with the surgeon from the initial consultation to post-operative consultation and throughout recovery. Dr. Condos has a compassionate and genuine approach that is hard to find in today’s fast-paced world where dental services can feel impersonal.

We’re available to schedule your consultation for NYC dental implants. Look ahead to a full and healthy smile that will support your oral health for decades to come.

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