How Important is Professional NYC Teeth Cleaning?

May 2, 2023

NYC teeth cleaning at home is the first step in protecting your teeth and maintaining the perfect smile. But if you want to maintain your oral health for a lifetime, you will need regular professional dental cleaning. A cleaning session with your dentist in NYC will remove the plaque and tartar missed by brushing at home. Visits with a professional can be combined with regular dental checkups to ensure that your teeth, gums, and mouth are healthy.

How important is professional NYC teeth cleaning? Let’s find out while looking at the advantages of dental deep cleaning.

Brushing at Home Doesn’t Remove Everything

When you brush at home, you’re doing one of the most important things for your oral health. Regular brushing removes food debris, sugar, starch, and bacteria. You should brush twice a day with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste to keep your smile looking its best. You should also floss once a day in the evening, after your last meal.

While all of this is important, it won’t remove all of the plaque and tartar that can build up on teeth. Even if you stick to a strict dental hygiene routine with home dental cleaning, you could still develop cavities and other oral health problems.

Visiting your dentist in NYC will ensure that you get deep dental cleaning that can remove everything that is missed by home brushing. This will help to ensure that there’s less bacteria in your mouth, which means less acid, and less chance of developing cavities. Some of the buildup on teeth simply can’t be removed with at-home methods, even if you have the best technique.

Professional Dental Deep Cleaning Can Treat or Prevent Gum Disease

Gum disease is an inflammatory disease caused when plaque and bacteria develop beneath the gums and towards the roots of teeth. This can cause deterioration, decay, and eventual tooth loss. Inflammation can be painful and can lead to noticeable swelling and bleeding.

Dental deep cleaning is an effective treatment for gum disease. A professional can clean your teeth below the gums to prevent bacteria buildup and the inflammation that comes with it. If you have red or discolored gums, persistent bad breath, swelling, or frequent bleeding when brushing, then you may have some form of gum disease.

Even if you don’t have symptoms, dental deep cleaning can lower the risk of developing gum disease. Dental deep cleaning becomes more important as you age, because the gums tend to recede, exposing the more sensitive areas of the teeth that are harder to clean.

If you want to protect your teeth, prevent pain and other complications, and avoid the need for costly restorative treatments, you should regularly book dental deep cleaning with your dentist in NYC.

Professional Dental Cleaning Fights Bad Breath

Even if your teeth and gums are healthy, you can suffer from bad breath as plaque develops and bacterial activity increases. Professional dental cleaning fights bad breath by restoring the condition in your mouth so that bacteria won’t multiply as easily.

If you have a particularly dry mouth, or if you’re above the age of 30, the risk of developing persistent bad breath (halitosis) is increased. You can have regular professional dental cleaning to help keep your mouth fresh. When combined with regular brushing, flossing, and rinsing at home, you’ll have a naturally fresh mouth while still enjoying the foods and beverages that you love.

Your Dentist in NYC Can Combine Cleaning with Checkups

It’s recommended that you have a routine checkup every six months to ensure that your teeth, gums, and mouth are healthy. You can combine this with professional NYC teeth cleaning for a more convenient approach to maintaining your smile. When a dentist or hygienist cleans your teeth, they will also inspect your teeth for damage and wear. This can guide future treatment plans.

Early detection is important in dentistry. The sooner problems are discovered, the simpler and more successful the treatment will be. Your dentist in NYC can easily detect problem signs when you visit the clinic every six months for a checkup and NYC teeth cleaning.

Choose the best Dentist in NYC for Professional NYC Teeth Cleaning

Dental Implant Center NYC is home to Dr. Spiro Condos and his experienced team. Dr. Condos is widely regarded as the best dentist in NYC for everything ranging from routine to complex cases, including restoration with dental implants. You can get professional NYC teeth cleaning at our office, giving you the best smile maintenance that focuses on your health and natural beauty.

Cleaning is important for your long-term oral health. Regular professional cleaning is just as important as the daily cleaning that you do at home. It’s a key aspect of oral health and maintenance, and you should never skip professional cleaning.

Book your appointment for professional NYC teeth cleaning today and enjoy the detailed approach and all of the benefits that come with the experience of the best dentist in NYC.

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