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January 13, 2022

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

NYC dental implants can treat tooth loss, giving you the confidence to smile every day.

In the United States, more than three million dental implants are placed every year. Whether considering a full arch replacement or a single front tooth implant, choosing the best implant dentist in NYC is essential.

New developments in technology for NYC dental implants have made procedures more reliable with better esthetic and functional results. Learn how Dr. Spiro Condos uses the latest technology for dental implants in NYC.

Digital Implant Design for Front Tooth Implants and Dentures
Digital scanning has changed the way that we look at implant dentistry. At Dental Implant Center NYC, we use advanced digital impression technology to ensure that front tooth implants fit naturally with your smile. Digital scanning can be used for all types of implants, not just front tooth implants.

Whether considering front tooth implants, implant-supported dentures, or several individual implants in the mouth, digital scanning makes a difference.

Digital impressions create a 3D computer image of the tooth and gum structure inside the mouth. The best implant dentist in NYC will be able to fully visualize your teeth and surrounding structures, ensuring that the implant and the prosthetic will be perfectly suited to your smile. Digital impressions are also used in the laboratory to ensure that the prosthetic is accurate and perfectly suited to your mouth.

The digital scanners used to create digital impressions are more convenient and result in faster diagnosis and planning, with fewer errors and a minimized risk of rework. If you need a single front tooth implant or even extensive restoration treatment, you can have confidence knowing that Dr. Condos and his team will use the most advanced technologies. Your treatment with NYC dental implants will be more comfortable with the best long-term outcome.

Titanium Posts for Dental Implants in NYC are Constantly Improving

Titanium dental implants were developed in the 1960s, and the technology has come a long way since. Titanium posts for dental implants in NYC have evolved with several manufacturers innovating on the basic premise.

Titanium used for dental implants in NYC can efficiently integrate with bone, stimulating the jaw to prevent resorption and changes in facial structure. Modern implant posts have textured surfaces to improve osseointegration (the process of bone fusing with the implant). The threads are also carefully designed to ensure safe placement and primary stability of dental implants in NYC.

Dr. Condos is the best implant dentist in NYC. He will choose the right titanium dental implants in NYC for your unique case. The length and width are carefully considered based on the position of the implant, the size and density of the jawbone, and the type of restoration.

Zirconia is an Option with the Best Implant Dentist in NYC

Zirconia is widely used for prosthetic replacement teeth, often in conjunction with titanium implant posts. There is now the option to use zirconia units where both the post and the visible replacement tooth are made from this material. You can have zirconia implants with the best implant dentist in NYC.

Zirconia is an inert material that is highly biocompatible. Like titanium, there’s a very low risk of negative tissue reaction. Zirconia units are ideal for single tooth replacements, bridges, and some full-arch replacements, and may be the best esthetic choice for your case. The material doesn’t corrode and it has comparable strength to titanium implants. If you have metal allergies, Dr. Condos may recommend zirconia for your case.

Whether considering zirconia or titanium, the best implant dentist in NYC will take the time to evaluate your case and make the best recommendation. Zirconia is an example of how material technology has progressed to bring more reliable and versatile options to patients.

Experience is as Important as Technology for NYC Dental Implants

New technologies like zirconia implants and digital impression scanning are only as valuable as the clinician that applies them. At Dental Implant Center NYC, you can have confidence knowing that Dr. Condos uses new and innovative technologies in ways that can benefit you.

Dr. Condos is a highly experienced implant dentist. He can plan NYC dental implants to replace single teeth, a few teeth in a row, or even full arches. As an instructor to professors and other dentists, Dr. Condos is always on the leading edge of innovation and new materials for NYC dental implants.

As the preferred clinician for referring dentists in New York City, you can have confidence knowing that you are being treated by the best. Book your appointment with the most trusted implant dentist in NYC and look forward to a fully restored smile that is comfortable, beautiful, and protected for the years to come.

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