How Does a Dental Implant Work

July 1, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

How Does a Dental Implant Work?

Teeth lost to trauma, injury, and decay can be replaced with dental implants in NYC. At Dental Implant Center Dr. Spiro Condos can restore your full smile with a beautiful esthetic and perfect function. Dr. Condos is the go-to for referring dentists for tooth implants in NYC. With his warm and compassionate approach, you’ll feel completely at ease when you need dental implants in NYC.

Learn about dental implants in NYC, how they work, and get treatment from the best implant dentist in NYC.

Dental Implants in NYC Replace Natural Roots

Titanium dental implants in NYC replace natural roots, fuse with the jawbone, and provide a long-lasting solution for tooth loss.

Dental implants in NYC are screw-like medical devices that are implanted into the jaw, just below the gumline. They feature threaded interiors for mounting screws and prosthetic tooth replacements. When fully integrated, the system performs just like a natural tooth.

The Advantages of Tooth Implants in NYC

Considered the gold standard for tooth replacement, tooth implants in NYC have significant advantages over alternatives like partial dentures.

Bone resorption is inevitable when a tooth and its root structure have been lost. As bone resorbs and the jaw loses density, the structure of the face can change. The healthy teeth around a missing tooth can also begin to move inwards, offsetting the alignment of the entire ridge.

Because tooth implants in NYC integrate with bone, they stimulate the tissue and prevent resorption. Titanium used for tooth implants in NYC is 100% biocompatible, ensuring that the body treats the implant just like a natural root.

Choose tooth implants in NYC to maintain the shape and appearance of your face, prevent bone loss, and ensure that oral health can be maintained over the long term.

Traditional or Immediate Dental Implants?

Depending on your case, Dr. Condos may recommend traditional or immediate dental implants.

Traditional dental implants have larger titanium posts, and the healing period takes an average of six to eight months. Immediate dental implants are placed in the jawbone after extraction, or sometimes within the first two weeks depending on if there is an infection or other complication.

Immediate dental implants are smaller so fusion with the jawbone is achieved quickly. The prosthetic can be placed at the same time as the implant in many cases. Sometimes a healing abutment (a cap that protects the dental implant and maintains space around the soft tissue) will be used before the permanent prosthetic is placed.

With immediate dental implants, you can enjoy the same benefits as traditional implants. Bone density will be maintained, along with your facial structure and the shape of your smile.

Immediate dental implants are less traumatic although it is important to note that all patients at Dental Implant Center NYC are treated with long-lasting local anesthesia so the procedure for traditional and immediate implants is pain-free.

Are You the Right Candidate for Implants? Visit The Best Implant Dentist in NYC to Find Out

With Dr. Spiro Condos, the best implant dentist in NYC, you will receive a full consultation to evaluate your treatment options and find out if dental implants are right for you.

When you visit our implant dentist in NYC, you will be evaluated based on:

  • Your oral health. You will need to have healthy gum tissue and bone for an implant to be placed. If you don’t have sufficient bone density, grafting can be performed by our implant dentist in NYC to restore your jaw before implant surgery.
  • Your overall health. Any underlying conditions that would prevent healing will be assessed. If you aren’t suited to dental implants for health reasons, our implant dentist in NYC will provide effective alternative treatment options.
  • Bruxism. If you suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding) dental implants may not be right for you. The position and number of teeth that need to be replaced will be assessed during your consultation.
  • Periodontal disease. This condition damages soft tissue and bone. It will be treated before implants are placed by our expert implant dentist in NYC.
    Most health issues can be overcome with treatment to ensure that you can have traditional or immediate implants.

Book Your Consultation for Dental Implants in NYC

You don’t have to endure tooth loss and the progressive issues that arise. Dental implants in NYC replace natural teeth with functionally identical synthetic components. You can have a healthy and full smile when you book your consultation for dental implants with Dr. Spiro Condos, the leading implant surgeon in New York.

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