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December 30, 2022

Losing a tooth as an adult requires a careful approach to restoration. Unlike the first teeth that we develop as children, our adult teeth don’t get replaced naturally. Dental bridges in NYC are a treatment option for teeth lost through trauma and decay.

How do dental bridges in NYC work, and is this a suitable long-term treatment option? Get your questions answered and begin treatment planning at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Dental Bridges in NYC – The Basics

Dental bridges in NYC take their name from the way that they function. A missing tooth is replaced with a prosthetic, supported by the surrounding natural teeth. This “bridges” the gap between the two teeth. There are several different approaches available to create the bridge.

  • The most common type involves filing the surrounding teeth so that a unit of crowns and a prosthetic can be fitted between.
  • Maryland dental bridges in NYC use porcelain or metal frames attached to the surrounding teeth to support a prosthetic.
  • Cantilever dental bridges in NYC involve filing just a single tooth to install a crown and support a prosthetic in the space of a missing tooth.

Dental bridges in NYC aren’t permanent, but they are long-lasting. With excellent work and the right care, bridges can last up to ten years or longer in some cases. While not as durable as implants, sometimes it’s better to get NYC dental bridges due to the cost and non-surgical nature of the procedure.

How do Bridges Compare to Teeth Implants in NYC?

Teeth implants in NYC and dental bridges both address tooth loss, but the way they work is fundamentally different. Teeth implants in NYC replace the tooth and the root, ensuring a permanent solution that can be maintained for a lifetime in most cases. Dental bridges aren’t as long-lasting, and only replace the visible part of the tooth.

Both teeth implants in NYC and dental bridges can fill the space left between teeth to prevent movement and crowding. High-quality bridges, like teeth implants in NYC, will give you a full bite and a beautiful smile.

The biggest concern with bridges vs. teeth implants in NYC is the preparation involved. Traditional bridges require the filing of a healthy tooth to install the crown and bridge unit. This can lead to complications in the future, as you will need to continually maintain and at some point, replace the crown and bridge.

Teeth implants in New York replace the root, preventing bone loss in the jaw, and there’s no preparation needed for the adjacent teeth. However, teeth implants in New York will require surgery, so the procedure is more intensive and will require a longer healing period.

Your NYC implant dentist can provide treatment using implants and a bridge. If you have several missing teeth in a row, two implants can support a bridge unit to fill the gap, minimize bone loss, and restore your bite and appearance.

Are Bridges Cheaper than Teeth Implants in New York?

Bridges in most cases are cheaper than teeth implants in New York, but this only considers the initial procedure. Because crowns require more frequent maintenance and replacement, the cost could become comparable to teeth implants in New York over time.

Teeth implants in New York have become more affordable and more reliable over the years. When you consider that you could maintain an implant over a lifetime, the value is impressive.

Costs will depend on the specific procedure and preparation needed. The best way to learn about the cost of bridges or teeth implants in New York is to visit your NYC implant dentist for a detailed consultation.

Insurance may cover a portion of your treatment, and there are various payment options available when you book your treatment at Dental Implant Center NYC. We believe it is important to make high-quality dental care accessible to everyone.

Start a Detailed Consultation with the Best NYC Implant Dentist

There’s no blanket right or wrong answer when it comes to tooth replacement and restoration. Bridges and implants are viable options. The best NYC implant dentist will help you to determine the right choice for your unique needs.

If you want a detailed consultation with a compassionate and careful approach, Dr. Spiro Condos is the best NYC implant dentist for you. Dr. Condos has decades of experience as a practitioner and educator. He has trained leading dentists from America and around the world. His approach is focused on your comfort and long-term oral health.

Book an appointment at Dental Implant Center NYC and explore your options for tooth replacement. Whether with dental bridges in NYC or dental implants, you will get world-class care from the best NYC implant dentist.

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