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May 19, 2022

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

NYC dental implants are the most effective treatment for tooth loss. Period. It’s not unusual to have implants that last a lifetime.

In cases where healing is uncompromised, NYC dental implants are recommended. But there are some caveats. Some medications can interfere with the healing of dental implants and the long-term success rate. In the rarest cases, medication could lead to an implant failure.

Learn how medication can interact with your NYC dental implants and how we approach treatment in these cases.

Beta-Blockers Can Improve Healing of NYC Dental Implants

Before we get onto some well-known medications that can cause complications, let’s talk about a class of drugs that may help your NYC dental implants.

Beta-blockers are used to treat high blood pressure and a range of heart conditions. There’s some indication that these drugs might actually improve healing for dental implants. Beta-blockers enhance bone metabolism, which can promote healing. While your implants are fusing with the jaw (osseointegration), beta-blockers could be beneficial.

If you’re currently taking beta-blockers, you can discuss any impact they might have on your surgery. Dr. Spiro Condos is the leading implant dentist in NYC. He will provide clear advice and can work with your physician in case any adjustment to your treatment plan is necessary.

Some Antibiotics Can Interfere with Bone Growth for Dental Implants in NYC

If you’ve taken a course of antibiotics in the last 12 months, or if you’re taking antibiotics while considering dental implants in NYC, make sure that you provide full details of your treatment to Dr. Condos.

Antibiotics like ciprofloxacin, ofloxacin, and norfloxacin could interfere with bone growth and healing after having dental implants in NYC placed. The catch here is that these antibiotics are sometimes used to treat infections in dental cases.

While it’s typically safe to have dental implants in NYC after taking a course of antibiotics, it’s still something that our implant team needs to consider and carefully monitor.

It’s extremely important to bring information about any medication that you are taking when you come for your consultation for dental implants in NYC. If you aren’t sure about the medication that you’ve recently taken, we can obtain your medical records with your permission.

Ultimately, we want the best for you and your health. In cases where medication could interfere with the healing of dental implants in NYC, we can delay the treatment or even consider alternative medications with your physician.

Anti-Depressant Medication and Teeth Implants in New York

Medications like Prozac and Paxil are used to treat clinically diagnosed depression. These can be life-changing for patients. If you are taking any anti-depressant medication, it’s important to let Dr. Condos know in your consultation for teeth implants in New York. Recent studies have found a correlation between the failure of teeth implants in New York and prescribed anti-depressants.

Taking anti-depressants doesn’t immediately exclude you from receiving treatment with teeth implants in New York, but your prescription will be considered as we plan your case.

Detailed Screening for Teeth Implants in New York

If you’re taking any of the mentioned medications, we’ll consider these as we plan your treatment with teeth implants in New York. As an eminent implant dentist in NYC, Dr. Condos has the experience and training to make qualified decisions regarding your suitability for implants. Sometimes the solution is as simple as delaying the treatment or changing the medication that you’re on.

If you need to take new medication during the healing stage, you can discuss these during an implant dental check up in NYC. Always let your physician know that you are being treated with implants. Likewise, let Dr. Condos know whenever your medication changes.

Even in a case where there are risks linked to certain medication, these can be so minimal that it’s advisable to move ahead with the treatment anyway.

You can be sure of compassionate, accurate, and informed guidance when you visit the best implant dentist in NYC.

How We Track Progress of Healing with Dental Check Up in NYC

Every time that you come for a dental check up in NYC, we’ll check that your implants are healthy. If there’s a likelihood of implant failure detected during a dental check up in NYC, Dr. Condos will immediately plan remedial treatment.

The low failure rate of dental implants stems from the mature technology as well as the experience and attention to detail of implant dentists around the world. You can have confidence knowing that whether you’re having placement surgery or a regular dental check up in NYC, you will always get the best care from Dr. Condos. If you’ve already had implants placed and have concerns about your medication, simply let Dr. Condos know by scheduling a dental check up in NYC today.

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Dr. Condos is an educator, practitioner, and genuinely caring and compassionate implant dentist in NYC. Our team will explore every option to ensure that your treatment with NYC dental implants is a success. Book a consultation with the best implant dentist in NYC and you’ll enjoy the very best solutions to restore your smile.

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