Connective Tissue Grafts in New York City

If you’re suffering from conditions like root exposure or receding gums, or if you have frequent mouth pain, you may need treatment with connective tissue grafts at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Grafts can be used to address cosmetic issues, improving the esthetic of your smile. They also provide functional benefits like improved oral health and protection for teeth. Connective tissue grafts and flaps are also used to repair your mouth after extraction or other procedures.

You can get the most advanced dental care from Dr. Spiro Condos and his expert team. Learn about connective tissue grafts and specialized grafts like socket seal technique and pedicle flaps and schedule your consultation today.

Who Needs Connective Tissue Grafts in NYC?

Connective tissue grafts are often used to treat patients suffering from root exposure. This is a relatively common condition that can be caused by gum disease, receding gums, trauma, improper brushing techniques. Tooth grinding or bruxism, misaligned teeth, or even excessive tobacco or alcohol consumption.

Regardless of the cause, root exposure is a serious condition that compromises your oral health. The symptoms are often quite obvious and easy to identify. They include:

    • Tender gums that are swollen. They may bleed often.
    • Discoloration of teeth around the area of root exposure.
    • Overly sensitive teeth that cause pain when eating hot or cold food and beverages. Pain can last for minutes or even hours after exposure.
    • General tooth sensitivity when consuming all kinds of foods and beverages, especially those that are sweet or acidic.

If you’ve experienced any of these problems, don’t ignore them. You can have connective tissue grafts to treat root exposure and prevent long-term complications. Schedule your appointment with Dr. Spiro Condos to learn more.

How are Connective Tissue Grafts Performed?

A standard connective tissue graft is a common treatment for root exposure. During the procedure, Dr. Condos will cut a flap out of the skin at the top of your mouth and remove some of the subepithelial connective tissue from underneath the flap. This tissue is then grafted and stitched to the tissue around the affected tooth or teeth. The flap at the roof inside your mouth will also be stitched to allow for healing.

The body goes through a natural process of integrating the donor tissue around the tooth while regenerating the area below the flap at the top of your mouth.

Healing from a connective tissue gum graft usually takes around two weeks. You’ll follow up with Dr. Condos for an examination to track the success of the procedure.

Pedicle Flaps Technique in NYC

The pedicle flaps technique can be used for some patients, although it is a procedure that not everyone qualifies for. The pedicle flaps technique will be used if:

    • You have a long and narrow gum recession.
    • Root damage is minimal.
    • You have just a single tooth (two at most) that need coverage with new tissue.
    • You have adequate tissue surrounding the receding gums.


The pedicle flaps technique involves removing donor tissue near the site where treatment is needed. This is beneficial because there’s only one surgical site and the pedicle flaps technique can offer good coverage of receding gums.  Due to the very specific conditions required, the pedicle flaps technique is unavailable if you have advanced gum recession.

Socket Grafts in NYC

Some tissue grafts aren’t related to receding gums but are instead used to treat the mouth after a tooth has been extracted. If you have undergone extraction in preparation for dental implants, then socket grafts may be necessary.

Socket grafts are also known as socket preservation. The process involves filling a socket left by a tooth and its roots with bone grafting material, allowing for new bone to form and seal the space. With up to six months of healing, socket grafts leave a site ready for tooth implantation.

Even if an implant isn’t planned, socket grafts can still be used. Through the socket grafts process, bone density loss and reabsorption are avoided.

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Socket Seal Technique

For early implant placement where implants are placed within two months of extraction, the socket seal technique can be used. In this procedure, the socket is filled with a plug or other grafting material to promote the growth of new bone tissue. The socket seal technique calls for the sealing of the extraction site with donor tissue from the patient’s mouth, or a special dental membrane that promotes tissue regeneration.

The socket seal technique is popular because it preserves the gum tissue whole avoiding reabsorption from the extraction site. Socket seal technique, when applied correctly, can prepare you for implants quickly.

What is the VIP Flaps Technique?

In addition to the gum and socket grafting techniques described above, Dr. Condos specializes in advanced procedures like VIP flaps.

VIP flaps refer to vascularized inter-positional periosteal connective tissue flaps technique. It is used to provide coverage for socket preservation and bone grafting before dental implant insertion. VIP flaps can also be used for coverage in other procedures like ridge expansion.

VIP flaps are similar to a traditional connective tissue grafting, with the difference found in the donor site for replacement tissue. Periosteal connective tissue is rich in stem cells, fibroblasts, osteoblasts, and progenitor cells. These help to promote regeneration. Periosteal tissue for VIP flaps is harvested from inside of the mouth, near the grafting site.

Expert Connective Tissue Grafts with a Trusted Dental Team in NYC

Dr. Spiro Condos is a widely respected dental surgeon. If you need connective tissue grafts, you can have confidence knowing that you are in expert hands. The pedicle flaps technique, socket seal technique, socket grafts, and VIP flaps are all treatment options at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Whether correcting cosmetic issues, treating root exposure, or preparing your jaw and gums for implantation, Dr. Condos will apply his extensive knowledge with the most appropriate solution to ensure long-term results. Call us today to schedule your consultation with New York’s best connective tissue grafts surgeon.

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