Gold Onlays in NYC – Durable and Esthetic Dental Restorations

The best dental restorations can give you a beautiful and functional smile. Gold onlays in New York are an option if you have suffered from significant tooth damage or decay. One of the most durable restorations of all, gold onlays provide long-term function for your peace of mind.

Dr. Spiro Condos is one of just a few dentists in New York with specialized training and experience in gold onlays. Learn about this type of restoration and contact us today to begin your consultation and treatment planning.

NYC Gold Onlays are Still a Great Option for Tooth Restoration

Dental onlays repair tooth damage by treating decay, restoring the structure, and preventing further damage.

You can consider treatment with Dr. Condos, who still practices the fine art of gold onlays restoration in New York City.

  • Gold is incredibly durable and can withstand chewing and grinding, without causing damage to the opposing teeth.
  • The fit will be fully customized to restore the function and esthetic of your smile.
  • Gold is biocompatible with an exceedingly low risk of negative reaction.
  • The material is versatile and specialist onlays can be used to treat a range of decay covering areas from the biting surface to the cusp.
  • Gold onlays have an esthetic advantage and can integrate well with the smile.
  • Gold onlays require less reduction and preparation of healthy tooth material for placement.

Differences Between Gold Onlays in NYC and Gold Inlays Restoration

It’s easy to get some of the terms in dentistry confused, and this is often the case between gold onlays in NYC and gold inlays restoration. Despite a similar name, these two types of restoration have some fundamental differences.

Gold Inlays Restorations – Inlays are less intensive restorations that are designed to repair the small and medium sized cavities or defects that affect the biting surfaces of teeth. Gold inlays restorations aren’t very common today, because it’s typically better and more esthetic to treat this type of damage or decay with white fillings. Like gold inlays restorations, white fillings can conform to the shape of the tooth and are incredibly versatile. Dental Implant Center NYC doesn’t offer gold inlays restorations, instead focusing on esthetic composite inlays in these cases.

Gold Onlays in NYC – Onlays have a broader range of applications and are better suited to severe tooth damage and decay. Dr. Condos can provide treatment with gold onlays in NYC to repair significant sections of the tooth including the biting surfaces and the cusps. While we avoid gold inlays restorations because composite materials are more effective, gold onlays in NYC have significant advantages that could make them ideal for your case.

Whenever you have a dental concern, it’s important that you visit a dentist that you can trust. Dr. Condos is both an educator and a practitioner. He has trained some of the best dentists practicing in America and around the world. With a compassionate and detailed approach, Dr. Condos will ensure that you get the right treatment for your unique needs. Gold onlays in New York are often the best choice for significant defects.

A More Cosmetic Smile with Gold Onlays in New York

Gold onlays in New York can create a cosmetic smile that you’re happy to show. There are many instances where gold onlays in New York can be virtually invisible in the smile, perfectly integrating with your natural teeth.

An onlay doesn’t cover all surfaces of the tooth. If the front of the tooth structure is still healthy and an onlay is expertly designed and placed by Dr. Condos, it will be virtually invisible, allowing for a perfect cosmetic smile. The skill of the clinician is important. Dr. Condos has extensive experience in treatment with gold onlays, so a cosmetic smile is possible.

Many dentists avoid gold onlays and claim that porcelain and ceramic restorations provide a more cosmetic smile in every case. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Gold is still one of the most durable materials used in dentistry and when the esthetics can be flawless enough for a beautiful cosmetic smile, it’s worth learning more about this treatment option in your free consultation.

Can You Get Front Tooth Onlays?

Front tooth onlays aren’t as common as posterior onlays, due to the esthetic considerations. However, this depends on the specific case.

Dr. Condos may recommend front tooth onlays if you have a front tooth that is damaged beyond the ability of a filling to repair, but that doesn’t quite meet the threshold for recommending a full dental crown or a tooth implant.

Gold onlays in New York aren’t typically recommended for front teeth due to esthetic considerations. Your front teeth are the most noticeable in your smile and even the best dental work might not be enough to prevent gold onlays in New York being visible. Porcelain or composite resin are far more common in this area for a more cosmetic smile.

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