Full Mouth Rehabilitation

June 11, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

Your guide to Full Mouth Rehabilitation in NYC

What do dental implants, fillings, crowns, dentures, and periodontal care all have in common? Each are elements of full mouth rehabilitation in NYC.

Full mouth rehabilitation in NYC targets your oral health in four key ways:

  • Your bite.
  • The esthetics of teeth and gums.
  • Natural oral function.

By extension, full mouth rehabilitation in NYC can treat pain from infection. Broken and missing teeth can be replaced. Damaged gums can be restored. Your smile, once a point of embarrassment, can shine with full mouth rehabilitation in NYC.

The Dental Implant Center NYC is led by Dr. Spiro Condos, the most experienced dental surgeon in New York and an esteemed educator.

Schedule your appointment for full mouth rehabilitation treatment planning or full mouth rehabilitation review in NYC today.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Planning

With detailed full mouth rehabilitation treatment planning, you’ll gain an understanding of the work that needs to be performed, the timeline for treatment, and the expected outcome.

The Dental Implant Center NYC is the best place to get full mouth rehabilitation treatment planning. You may need to begin treatment planning if:

  • You have severe wear and tear on the surfaces of your teeth.
  • Your teeth are structurally damaged.
  • Gums are damaged or recessed.
  • You have missing or broken teeth.

The process for full mouth rehabilitation treatment planning includes looking at the condition of your teeth, evaluating signs of periodontal disease, inspecting the jaw muscles, checking occlusion (where your top and bottom teeth come together), and the color, proportion, size, and shape of your teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation treatment planning will identify all areas that need to be restored and improved, and determine the best methods of achieving a positive outcome.

Procedures Performed During Full Mouth Rehabilitation in NYC

Specific procedures will depend on the treatment planning and desired outcome. Ultimately, full mouth rehabilitation in NYC will aim to give you an esthetically and functionally perfect smile.

Elements of the treatment can include:

  • Filling cavities.
  • Full mouth rehabilitation with composite replacements.
  • Full mouth rehabilitation with crowns, implants, dentures, or bridges.
  • Gum augmentation.
  • Bone augmentation.
  • Teeth whitening.
  • Veneers.
  • Treatments can be maintained over a lifetime with regularfull mouth rehabilitation review in NYC.

Because several different procedures are combined into a single plan, you must choose an experienced surgeon for rehabilitation. Dr. Spiro Condos brings his expertise in implant, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry to ensure functional and esthetic outcomes.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Composites

You can have full mouth rehabilitation with composites, replacing damaged or lost tooth material. Full mouth rehabilitation with composites uses crowns, inlays, onlays, and bridges made from resin. The resin is combined with silicon dioxide and can be shade-matched to perfectly blend with natural teeth and gums.

Full mouth rehabilitation with composites can reduce the overall cost of rehabilitation when compared to using solid or layered materials like ceramic and zirconia.

You’ll have the choice of full mouth rehabilitation with composite or other materials. You can start treatment planning with Dr. Condos today.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Crowns

Full tooth replacement or damaged tooth repair is performed using full mouth rehabilitation with crowns. Dental crowns can refer to the artificial teeth placed on top of implants, as well as the caps that can be bonded with natural teeth.

Full mouth rehabilitation with crowns will complete your smile, even if you’ve suffered from extensive loss or decay. Dr. Condos will determine whether you need full mouth rehabilitation with crowns and implants, or if crowns can be applied on top of the existing tooth structure.

If full mouth rehabilitation with crowns isn’t enough to restore your smile, Dr. Condos may recommend extraction of damaged teeth, followed by implants and dentures. Implant-supported dentures function, look and feel incredibly natural.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Review in NYC

If you’ve had full mouth rehabilitation in New York or anywhere else, and you aren’t happy with the treatment, Dental Implant Center can offer full mouth rehabilitation review in NYC. Dr. Condos will evaluate any work done and recommend a treatment plan for improvement.

Or, if you’ve been given a treatment plan and want a second opinion, Dr. Condos will be happy to provide a full mouth rehabilitation review in NYC.

Managing your oral health is a life-long process, and you will also be scheduled for a full mouth rehabilitation review in NYC after having work performed by Dr. Condos.

We are your partner for the best smile and healthy teeth and gums. Regain your confidence with life-changing full mouth rehabilitation in NYC from the Dental Implant Center in New York City.

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