Fixing Failing Dental Implants

November 1, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

Fixing Failing Dental Implants with the Best Implant Dentist in NYC

Nothing treats tooth loss better than dental implants in NYC. Unlike other restorative options, dental implants in NYC replace teeth as well as roots to ensure long-term success with stability and excellent overall oral health. Tooth implants in NYC have a success rate of over 95%. In rare cases where problems do occur, it’s important to choose the best implant dentist in NYC for treatment.

Dr. Spiro Condos and his team at Dental Implant Center NYC can provide treatment for failing dental implants. Learn why tooth implants in NYC fail, and how treatment can get your smile perfectly functional again.

What Causes Failing Dental Implants in NYC?

The failure of dental implants in NYC is typically triggered by one of two (sometimes both) underlying causes.

  • Poor Osseointegration – Dental implants in NYC fuse with the jawbone to ensure long-term stability. An implant acts as a tooth root and creates a platform for a natural-looking restorative crown on top. Osseointegration is the process of bone fusing with the implant post. If implants are poorly planned or if they don’t heal and osseointegrate properly, failure will occur.
  • Peri-implantitis – This condition can occur late into the expected life span of implants but may occur earlier with poor maintenance or inadequate hygiene practices. Soft tissues around the implant become inflamed, while the hard tissue (bone) is progressively lost.

Knowing when to get treatment is essential. If you have dental implants in NYC placed by Dr. Condos, you will get a routine maintenance and treatment plan to prevent failing dental implants. If you have had your implants for several years or had them placed elsewhere out of state or even in another country, Dr. Condos is happy to give the best treatment for failing dental implants.

Whatever the case, and no matter how advanced the problem is, Dr. Condos can provide thorough case planning and the best treatments to ensure that your oral health and your smile are restored and protected for the years to come.

Signs That You May Have Failing Dental Implants

Several telltale signs can indicate you need treatment for failing dental implants. Difficulty chewing, pain when biting, swelling, and redness around the implant should be referred to Dr. Condos as soon as possible. You can schedule an appointment for diagnosis and case planning today.

A loose implant is one of the surest signs that you are experiencing dental implant failure.

The only way to fully diagnose failing dental implants is to book an appointment with a trusted practitioner. Dr. Condos provides the best treatment at Dental Implant Center NYC.

What is the Treatment for Failing Tooth Implants in NYC?

Fixing failing tooth implants in NYC requires a careful and detailed approach to ensure the best outcome. The affected implant will be removed with local anesthesia to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process. The site will be cleaned to remove infected material.

Depending on the cause and any damage around the implant site, the replacement process could look a little different…

  • If the bone is intact and there is enough to place a new implant after the infection is cleared, then this can be done without performing any grafting.
  • If there has been significant bone loss, then grafting may be necessary to build up the site and ensure stability for the placement of a new implant.

Each case is unique when treating failing tooth implants in NYC. You can talk to Dr. Condos today to determine the underlying cause of failing tooth implants in NYC. With decades of experience as both an eminent educator and practitioner, Dr. Condos can develop the best solutions to ensure long-term success.

Choose the Best Implant Dentist in NYC

Long-lasting and healthy implants are ensured when you choose the best implant dentist in NYC.

Dr. Spiro Condos is an educator for both dental students and practicing dentists. His expertise is recognized around the world and he is one of the most popular surgeons for complex case referrals in New York.

Dr. Condos provides warm and compassionate care. He will take the time to explain the underlying cause and his case planning, in detail. He uses advanced techniques to ensure the best patient outcomes in every case.

At Dental Implant Center NYC, you can get treatment with the best implant dentist in NYC, giving you confidence and peace of mind. We are available today to schedule your consultation. A healthier smile that is free of pain and decay is what you deserve. Contact us today and get the right solution for failing dental implants with the best implant dentist in NYC.

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