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February 11, 2023

Root canal with microscope is a specialized type of root canal procedure designed to improve precision and long-term success. Performing a root canal with microscope allows for a more accurate treatment that helps to preserve the tooth root by minimizing the healthy material taken out of the tooth.

If you need root canal treatment, a root canal with microscope will ensure the best outcome for a healthy and beautiful smile. Learn all there is to know about this procedure performed by your dentist in NYC.

How a Root Canal with Microscope Differs from a Traditional Root Canal Treatment

The key advantage of a root canal with microscope is the precision of the procedure.

While in the dental chair, your dentist in NYC will use a special dental microscope to magnify the tooth. This allows for better visualization of the inside of the tooth so that tiny details in the root canal system can be located. It allows for the targeted removal of infected and decayed materials while leaving healthy materials intact. The treatment is more effective and gentler on the tooth.

Aside from the use of the microscope and precision instruments, a root canal with microscope is otherwise similar to a standard root canal.

  1. Your dentist in NYC will numb the area around your tooth in preparation for treatment. This ensures that you are comfortable and pain-free during the procedure.
  2. A small access hole will be drilled into the top of the tooth to access the inside and the root canal system.
  3. With the microscope and specialized tools, your dentist in NYC will remove the infected pulp and other materials from the inside of the tooth.
  4. The canals and interior of the tooth will be thoroughly irrigated and cleaned to remove any debris and infection.
  5. The root canals will be filled with specialized dental cement to strengthen the tooth and prevent future infection.
  6. The tooth is finally sealed with a filling or a dental crown, depending on the damage to the top of the tooth.

Because this type of procedure is more precise, it is better able to save teeth that would otherwise have to be extracted and replaced. Root canal with a microscope could preserve and ensure that you can maintain your natural tooth for the rest of your lifetime.

Root Canal vs. Implant with Your Dentist in NYC

You can consider the benefits of a root canal vs. implant when you visit your dentist in NYC for the initial consultation. In most cases, if the tooth is still viable, it’s better to save it with a root canal vs. implantation after an extraction.

  • A root canal procedure keeps your natural tooth, which is often preferable for the most functional and aesthetic smile.
  • When comparing root canal vs. implant surgery, the procedure and recovery time is greatly reduced with the former.
  • The cost of root canal vs. implant surgery is significantly lower.
  • A root canal treatment eliminates the need to extract an otherwise repairable tooth.

Dental implants are the most effective form of tooth replacement but are only recommended when the damaged teeth are beyond repair. Keeping an existing tooth is less traumatic and easier on your body, with a minimal recovery time when treated with a microscopic root canal.

Each case is unique, so it’s important that you have a detailed consultation with your dentist in NYC. Dr. Spiro Condos will take the time to explain the differences and pros/cons when comparing root canal vs. implant in New York.

How Long Does It Take to Recover After You Leave Our NYC Dental Clinic?

There’s a longstanding myth that root canal therapy is painful during and long after the surgery. The fact is that the procedure itself is comfortable, thanks to the use of a local anesthetic. If you have any kind of dental phobia or significant anxiety, Dr. Condos may recommend that a sedative is administered in the NYC dental clinic. This will ensure that Dr. Condos and his team can work safely and efficiently for the best outcome.

Pain after the procedure is minimal and can be easily managed with over-the-counter medication. You’ll receive detailed aftercare instructions specific to your case when leaving our NYC dental clinic.

Most patients return to work and daily activities within 48 hours of leaving our NYC dental clinic. You’ll need to avoid any strenuous activity for around a week, and also avoid hard food and extremely hot or cold food while you recover. Patients typically feel back to normal within a few days of leaving our NYC dental clinic.

Book Your Appointment for Root Canal Treatment

Book an appointment at our NYC dental clinic if you have discoloration of a tooth, severe and ongoing pain, sensitivity to hot and cold, pimples on the gum, or pain when biting or when teeth come into contact. These are all suggestions that you need root canal therapy.

Dr. Condos provides compassionate care with a detail-oriented approach that ensures the best outcome. Root canal with microscope ensures that you get the most accurate treatment to restore and preserve a tooth. Book your appointment for root canal therapy with our team today.

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