Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush – Which One is Better for Teeth Whitening in NYC?

May 7, 2023

Treatment with teeth whitening in NYC will give you the bright and vibrant model smile that you desire. A beautiful smile can bring confidence so that your personal, social, and even professional interactions go as well as you intend.

If you’re planning to have teeth whitening in NYC, or if you’ve recently received this type of cosmetic treatment, you’ll need to know how to maintain your smile at home. Which is better for you? Is there a difference when comparing an electric vs. manual toothbrush?

What Should You Look for in a Toothbrush?

Teeth whitening in NYC will have your teeth looking their absolute best. It’s worthwhile noting at this point that the most important part of maintaining your teeth is watching what you eat, and regularly performing teeth cleaning at home. Combined with regular dental checkups and in-office teeth cleaning, your smile will look its best in the years to come.

Teeth whitening typically lasts around three years before you will think about getting treatment again. But if you don’t take care of your teeth, the time between treatments might be a lot shorter.

One of the simplest things you can do to avoid staining is to choose the right toothbrush and use it twice a day.

When looking for a toothbrush, you should consider the following…

  • Ease of use.
  • Comfort.
  • Durability.

With these in mind, let’s look at the key differences between electric vs. manual toothbrushes.

Ease of Use – Electric vs. Manual Toothbrush

Comparing the ease of use of an electric vs. manual toothbrush might seem a little counterintuitive. After all, with a traditional manual toothbrush, all you need to do is apply some paste and start brushing. You probably don’t even think about the process of brushing your teeth. For most of us, it’s an automatic process guided by muscle memory. But this is where some of the problems come in.

Manual toothbrushes are highly effective when used properly. The downside is that everyone has a slightly different technique. And, if you don’t brush with a gentle circular motion at the front and a back-and-forth motion at the back while covering all the surfaces of your teeth, then you won’t get a proper cleaning.

An electric toothbrush cuts out the risk of poor technique. The head oscillates at a controlled speed and most models have integrated timers, so you can work your way around all surfaces while knowing that the spaces on the surfaces and between teeth are adequately cleaned.

When it comes to ease of use of an electric vs. manual toothbrush, the electric side comes out on top.

Comfort – Is Electric or Manual More Comfortable for Teeth Cleaning

Electric toothbrushes are generally more comfortable for teeth cleaning at home. Electric models have smaller heads, ensuring that the bristles can easily work on and around teeth, without pushing out against the soft inside of the cheeks.

Because you don’t have to manually operate an electric toothbrush for teeth cleaning, it’s also more comfortable in terms of the work that you need to put in. This might seem trivial, but for people with mobility issues or even common conditions like arthritis, teeth cleaning can put unwanted stress on the hands, wrists, and forearms.

For most people, either method will be relatively comfortable, with an electric toothbrush coming out slightly ahead. For those with mobility issues or inflammatory conditions, an electric toothbrush will be significantly more comfortable to use.


Manual toothbrushes should be replaced every three to four months. This is the recommendation provided by the American Dental Association. Electric toothbrush heads should be changed every one to two months, or any time that the bristles start to noticeably spread outwards.

In this case, a manual toothbrush beats an electric toothbrush on durability. It also results in a lower overall cost over time.

Which is the Best Toothbrush After You Get Teeth Whitening in NYC?

We’ve covered three main areas of toothbrushes, and the electric toothbrush has a slight edge. In most cases, an electric toothbrush will be better for cleaning your teeth because it provides more thorough cleaning with less effort. The downside is that you’ll need to replace the toothbrush head more often, and the cost of owning an electric toothbrush is higher.

This isn’t to say that you shouldn’t use a manual toothbrush after teeth whitening in NYC. It mostly comes down to preference. Any good NYC family dentist will tell you that the most important thing is that you brush twice daily, floss in the evenings, and rinse your mouth after eating or drinking, no matter which type of toothbrush you use.

Combine Home Brushing with Professional Treatment from Your NYC Family Dentist

Your NYC family dentist can provide professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar and keep your teeth looking their best. Your NYC family dentist will inspect your teeth and provide a general checkup when you get professional cleaning, so you’ll be able to maintain your smile and catch any dental issues before they become bigger problems.

Whether you have already had teeth whitening in NYC with your NYC family dentist, or if you’re considering it, upgrading to an electric toothbrush could give you an easier and more reliable way to maintain your smile. For dental checkups, whitening treatments, or advice on any of your dental concerns, contact the helpful and compassionate team at Dental Implant Center NYC.

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