Do You Need a Sinus Lift Surgery for Teeth Implants in NYC?

March 8, 2023

A sinus lift is a type of oral surgery available with your implant dentist in NYC. Designed to increase the amount of bone in the upper jaw, it’s often necessary for teeth implants in NYC when replacing the molars and premolars.

During a sinus lift, your dentist in NYC will place a grafting material into the sinus cavity, which will remodel to form new bone over time. This new bone can then support teeth implants in NYC.

Do you need sinus lift surgery? Learn all you need to know in this guide from the best dental clinic in NYC.

Your Dentist in NYC Will Tell You if You Need a Sinus Lift

If you’re thinking about getting teeth implants in NYC for your upper molars or premolars, then there’s a high chance that your dentist in NYC will recommend a sinus lift.

The procedure ensures that the bone height is sufficient to support dental implants. You’re most likely to need a sinus lift from your dentist in NYC if…

  • You have a naturally thin upper jawbone that would make it difficult to place teeth implants in NYC. Implants require healthy bone so that they can integrate and remain stable. Without enough bone, implants could fail after placement.
  • You have lost bone in the upper jaw related to tooth loss and periodontal disease. If you’ve lost your teeth and have worn traditional dentures for a time, the bone in your jaw would likely have deteriorated.

Your dentist in NYC will perform a detailed examination and scan to determine how much viable bone is in your upper jaw. If it’s limited, then a lift will be recommended. The procedure is also commonly referred to as sinus augmentation.

How is the Procedure Performed at a Dental Clinic in NYC?

The augmentation procedure is relatively straightforward, but it’s important that your dentist in NYC is experienced with bone grafting techniques. At the best dental clinic in NYC, you can get treatment with Dr. Spiro Condos. As an experienced practitioner and globally respected educator, Dr. Condos is the best choice for safe and effective bone grafting procedures.

During the procedure at the dental clinic in NYC, the sinus will be accessed carefully without perforating the membrane. Grafting material will be prepared and packed into the sinus cavity. This grafting material contains the building blocks of natural bone. Over time, it remodels and fuses with the existing bone to form a stable foundation for teeth implants in NYC.

The healing time from a sinus lift can vary from patient to patient. The extent of the procedure and your overall health can affect the time it takes. It will be up to six months after you visit the dental clinic in NYC before you are ready to receive teeth implants in NYC.

After the surgery, you will experience some swelling and minor discomfort. This will subside within the first week and you will feel back to normal within two weeks of having the procedure at your dental clinic in NYC. You’ll be provided with post-operative care notes before leaving the dental clinic in NYC. This will include details like what to do if pain persists, the type of food you should avoid, and how to support the healing process. Soft foods are recommended in the days following sinus lift surgery. You should avoid smoking and tobacco products throughout the entirety of the healing process. For your overall oral health in the long term, it’s recommended that you cease tobacco products completely.

Teeth Implants in NYC are the Best Way to Restore Your Smile

So why would you go through the process of having a sinus lift and getting teeth implants in NYC? The answer has two sides. With implants and grafting, you can protect your oral health, while also restoring your smile and the function of your mouth.

Teeth implants in NYC are the most effective way to restore your smile. When implants integrate with bone, they are functionally the same as natural tooth roots. Implants are permanent and can be maintained for a lifetime. The crowns attached to implants simulate natural teeth so that you can chew and speak with ease. Having implants placed can also prevent progressive tooth loss, so you’ll have fewer dental problems in the future.

You deserve the best smile possible with healthy teeth and gums. A sinus lift with teeth implants in NYC can give you a permanent solution for tooth loss. Ready to get started with your consultation? Book your appointment at Dental Implant Center NYC and enjoy the world-class care provided by Dr. Condos and his team.

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