Dental Digital Imaging NYC

At Dental Implant Center NYC, we use advanced technology to protect and improve your dental health. For diagnosis and preparation for procedures like implants and grafts, digital imaging in NYC is one of our most important services.

Learn how Dr. Spiro Condos and his talented team use 3D imaging, digital impressions, and other digital imaging in NYC technologies to provide the best dental services in New York.

Computer Guided Surgery

Computer-guided surgery is one of the most innovative solutions for patients who need permanent replacements for missing teeth in New York City. If you need implants for crowns, bridges, or dentures, computer-guided surgery can improve accuracy and ensure that the implants are fully customized for your unique bone and soft-tissue structure.

With computer-guided surgery and digital imaging in NYC, your implant procedure will be more accurate and precise with predictable results and the best long-term outlook. Combined with the years of experience of Dr. Condos and his team, you can be sure that your smile will be esthetically pleasing and perfectly healthful.

There are several steps involved in computer-guided surgery, all are critical to achieving the best outcome:

  • After your initial consultation and a decision to move ahead with implants, Dr. Condos and his team will use our in-office CT scan machine to take a computer-generated image of your mouth and the surrounding structure. A CT scan is similar to an X-ray but much more detailed. Our in-office CT scan machine will take hundreds of images to create a virtual 3D model of your mouth, right through to the unexposed bone.
  • Whereas traditional implants use physical molding techniques, computer-guided surgery uses a special intraoral device that is placed in your mouth to map the surface area. The software creates a 3D map that is used by laboratory technicians to plan the implants that will be perfectly suited to your unique anatomy.
  • Dr. Condos will plan the surgery and you will be consulted throughout the process. The digital impressions created by the intraoral device will be used to rebuild your smile. You can even see a computer-generated image of how your smile will look after the implants and prosthetics are installed. The software creates a template for Dr. Condos, who will use this throughout the surgery. The precise nature of computer-guided surgery ensures predictable results. Unlike traditional procedures, you’ll know the outcome well ahead of the healing process.
  • Tooth implants and prosthetics are created in a laboratory using digital impressions. These implants will be accurate right down to micro-measurements, ensuring that implants and replacement teeth appear natural. Computer-guided surgery is not just about esthetics. It ensures that your new smile will be fully functional so that you can chew and enjoy food just like you would with natural teeth.
  • Software-generated maps are used right through to the placement of your implants and prosthetic attachments. Computer-guided surgery truly is a revolution in dental implant technology.

If you want the most stress-free implant process with accurate and beautiful results, you can schedule your consultation with Dr. Condos today. Computer-guided surgery is one of the most reliable ways to restore your smile and ensure oral health for the years to come.

How Does 3D Imaging for Dental Procedures Work?

The 3d imaging intraoral wand used by Dr. Condos is an impressive innovation. As a patient, you can benefit from the technology with practical benefits.

The 3d imaging wand is just one piece of the system. It connects to a computer running specialized 3d imaging computer-guided surgery software. The wand emits light onto teeth, gums, and the rest of the oral cavity. The camera captures even the smallest details so that the digital impressions are accurate.

The computer combines the images taken to create 3D imaging digital impressions that are then used by Dr. Condos to plan your surgery. Accuracy, predictability, and convenience make this process popular with implant patients today.

Advantages of Digital Impressions

Traditional dental impressions can be uncomfortable for the patient, time-consuming to produce, and complex for the surgeon. There are no impression materials used with digital impressions, so that means no gag-reflex or discomfort while you’re in the chair.

Digital impressions are also more accurate than traditional dental impressions. Details are captured in the highest resolution so there are no surprises when it comes to placing your implants or prosthetic crowns, bridges, or dentures.

If you want the most comfortable experience with a guarantee that your implants and prosthetics will be perfectly fitted to your mouth, digital impressions with 3d imaging are the obvious choice.

Dr. Condos is available to schedule your consultation and explain the procedure in detail.

We have an In-Office CT Scan Machine

Dental Implant Center NYC is one of the most well-equipped dental surgeries in America. We have our own imaging wands and an in-office CT scan machine for your convenience. There’s no need to visit an outside diagnostics center when you need new implants, restorations, or maintenance.

With our in-office CT scan machine, we can improve the experience for every patient. Because Dr. Condos oversees the entire process from scanning to implantation and prosthetic placement. Accuracy and consistency are ensured.

Insist on a dental clinic with an in-office CT scan machine so that costs are kept reasonable and convenience is never compromised. Contact Dental Implant Center NYC to schedule your appointment today.

Accurate and Predictable Implant Surgery Outcomes with Digital Imaging NYC

Dr. Spiro Condos uses advanced technology to ensure the best patient outcomes. All of our processes, from digital imaging in NYC to computer-guided surgery are designed with your needs in mind. Faster and better results with an in-office CT scan machine, perfectly placed implants, and anatomically-accurate replacement teeth and dentures will all provide years of value.

For a healthier smile that is functionally flawless, schedule a consultation for implant digital imaging in NYC.

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