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At Dental Implant Center NYC, we are committed to providing the best solutions for every case of tooth loss and decay. If you have experienced significant tooth loss, dentures in NYC could be ideal for restoring your smile and the full function of your mouth.

Innovation in restorative dentistry has led to several options for dentures in NYC. Learn about the different types of dentures, their benefits, and talk to Dr. Spiro Condos and his talented dental team to get started with your new and improved smile.

What are Dentures?

Dentures in NYC is a restorative solution for missing teeth that can help you to eat and chew, speak clearly, laugh, smile, and feel more confident.

When talking about dentures, we are referring to prosthetics that are made up of synthetic frames or plates with artificial teeth attached. There are different types of dentures available at our denture center in NYC. Some are partial and replace just a few teeth. There are also full dentures that replace an entire row or even both rows of your teeth. There are even implant-supported dentures that use permanent implants as anchoring points.

  • Full dentures in NYC, also known as complete dentures, are a type of prosthetic made from an acrylic base. Replacement teeth are attached to the acrylic base and are typically made of porcelain. The base and teeth are custom formed in a dental laboratory based on the shape of your mouth and jaw.
  • Partial dentures in NYC are used when you only need to replace some teeth, rather than an entire row. Partial dentures can be rigid with a metal framework, or they can be made from flexible materials, depending on your needs and the recommendation of Dr. Condos.
  • Implant-supported dentures in NYC are specialist tooth-replacement devices where a full denture is placed in the mouth and supported by four (sometimes more) individual implants. Implant-supported dentures can use a snap-in design to allow for at-home maintenance. They are more comfortable than dentures attached with adhesive, and they look more natural and are better able to distribute weight across an entire row of teeth.

Dentures may be fixed or removable depending on the best solution for your needs. Dr. Condos will explain the unique advantages of either system based on the extent of your tooth loss.

Why Should I Have Dentures NYC?

Dentures in NYC is an effective treatment for tooth loss. You can consider dentures if you’ve had teeth removed for extensive cavities, if you have advanced gum disease, or trauma that has led to tooth loss. Dentures improve your appearance while also restoring function.

You should consider dentures because:

  • You’ve lost some or most of your natural teeth for any reason.
  • You want to restore your smile with the help of our denture center in NYC.
  • You want to fill out the appearance of your face that has been left gaunt by tooth loss.
  • You want to eat better and speak easier with full rows of teeth, top, and bottom.

Everybody deserves to smile with confidence and enjoy the full functionality of a healthy mouth. Dr. Condos and his team can give you back the smile that you’ve lost

How Long Do Dentures Last?

Most full dentures will last between five and ten years without further health complications. Maintenance is key. Daily cleaning of removable dentures and your mouth is essential to remove bacteria and food or drink residue that could damage soft tissue and your artificial dentures.

We offer a complete care service and can perform maintenance and repairs so that you get the best return on your investment for dentures in NYC.

What is the Process at Our Denture Center NYC?

The process begins with an assessment of your mouth and treatment planning with Dr. Condos at our denture center in NYC. Molds will be taken of your teeth and gums using either impression materials or 3D digital scanning.

Denture bases and frames are fabricated in a lab, along with prosthetic teeth that follow the shape of your jaw and mouth. The shape of your bite is recorded before temporary or ‘trial’ dentures are formed. These trial dentures will be assessed in-clinic before lab technicians fabricate the final prosthetic elements. We have access to advanced scanning tools in-house at our denture center in NYC.

It can take up to four visits to our denture center NYC for planning and fitment, although the time and number of visits can be reduced when 3D imaging is used to design your dentures.

Get Started with Dentures NYC by Scheduling Your Appointment Today

You don’t have to go through life suffering from advanced tooth decay and tooth loss. Dr. Condos and his team offer broad solutions to restore the esthetic of your smile and the full function of your mouth. If you have lost several or even all of your teeth, we have options available that will give you back your comfort and confidence.

Schedule your appointment with Dr. Spiro Condos today at our New York City dental practice and enjoy a customized service that is focused on your unique needs.

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