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June 11, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

How Dr. Condos Limits Dental Implant Pain Following Surgery

Dental implants can address advanced tooth decay, fractures, and significant damage. When a tooth is beyond repair, Dr. Spiro Condos may recommend implants to restore the beauty and health of your smile.

You’ve asked how to stop tooth pain fast and found that implants are needed for your case. You need emergency toothache relief in NYC, but you’re concerned about dental implant pain…

Many patients have some anxiety surrounding dental implant pain. The good news is that most rarely experience any pain after surgery. Learn how Dr. Condos plans for and mitigates dental implant pain to ensure your comfort during, immediately after the surgery, and throughout recovery.

A Measured Approach to Dental Implant Throbbing Tooth Pain

The best way to prevent dental implant pain like dental implant throbbing tooth pain is to address it before it is felt.

Implant surgery is performed using anesthesia so you won’t feel any pain around the surgical site. Dental implant throbbing tooth pain is mitigated and managed in several ways, so it is rarely an issue for patients of Dental Implant Center NYC.

  • A long-lasting anesthetic is administered after the surgery to eliminate any dental implant throbbing tooth pain that would be felt around the implant site. This allows for a smooth transition to recovery.
  • The first dose of pain medications prescribed by Dr. Condos is administered in-office to prevent dental implant throbbing tooth pain.
  • Tylenol (relieves pain) and Advil (relieves pain and limits inflammation) are used for pain management once you’ve returned home after the surgery.
  • If you have questions, concerns, or need emergency assistance, you can contact us 24-Hours on the surgical patient hotline that will be provided after surgery.

In the consultation following surgery, Dr. Condos will inform you of what to expect in the coming days. Care and pain management instructions will be provided. You will receive printed instructions unique to your case that you can follow at home.

Dental Implant Pain is Avoided During Primary Recovery

Thanks to effective pain management provided by Dr. Condos and his team, dental implant throbbing tooth pain is avoided.

Primary healing occurs within the first few days after surgery. Some swelling (part of the healing process) is normal and can begin after the second day and typically subsides within four days. Some bleeding can occur for up to 72 hours.

After primary healing, several months of secondary healing occur as the implant integrates with the bone and the soft tissue heals. There’s no dental implant pain or swelling during secondary healing, and you can eat and drink as normal, and perform all normal daily activities.

Tooth Nerve Pain Relief

If you need tooth nerve pain relief and have an infection, this will be treated before the implant surgery. This will eliminate complications and ensure that you are healthy before starting implant treatment.

Tooth nerve pain relief is usually needed for advanced decay, cracked teeth, and dental abscesses. Treating the infection is essential. Extraction and then implant surgery restores a healthy and fully functional smile with a natural esthetic. If you need tooth nerve pain relief, always choose a trusted local dentist. Dr. Spiro Condos is the most experienced implant dentist in New York City.

How to Stop Tooth Pain Fast

Patients suffering from significant tooth damage or decay come to Dental Implant Center NYC because they want to know how to stop tooth pain fast. Don’t ignore the signs when you need tooth nerve pain relief.

Dr. Condos knows how to stop tooth pain fast. As an instructor to students and practicing dentists all around the world, you can have confidence knowing that he has the skills and experience to treat you. Compassionate care and the facilities to treat even the most complex dental problems make the choice easy for patients and referring dentists.

If you’ve asked how to stop tooth pain fast, don’t rely on home remedies. It’s always best to schedule an appointment for tooth nerve pain relief and other complex dental concerns. You will get the best care with treatment for the underlying cause, ensuring your dental health in the long term.

Even if your search for how to stop tooth pain fast doesn’t lead to implant surgery, Dr. Condos performs general dentistry with a range of services including root canals and crowns.

Emergency Toothache Relief in NYC

Dr. Condos ensures that you can get emergency toothache relief in NYC. Implants can replace lost or irreparable teeth for long-term health and flawless esthetics. If you need emergency toothache relief in NYC, schedule a consultation today. Pain is a sign of a significant dental problem. The faster you seek treatment for emergency toothache relief in NYC, the better the outcome will be.

Dr. Condos and his team are standing by to provide implant dentistry that is free of dental implant pain. A healthy and beautiful smile awaits you.

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