Dental Implants in New York City

Many people across the United States have missing teeth or experience tooth decay/damage, and New Yorkers are no exception. This causes problems that can affect your overall health, oral health, and even your appearance. A popular solution for this is to restore missing or damaged teeth effectively with dental implants in New York City (NYC).

The New York State of Mind

New York City is often described as the cultural capital of the world, with its culture reflected in both its size and its ethnic diversity. Located at the mouth of the Hudson River, New York City is the biggest and most influential American city, with just over 8 million residents. It includes Manhattan and Staten islands, the western sections of Long Island, and a small portion of the New York state mainland to the north of Manhattan. With a large number of celebrities and other affluent people, looking good and being confident has never been so important as it is in NYC.

How Dental Implants Work

Dental implants are the replacement of a natural tooth’s roots with an artificial crown that is capped. Although the implanted tooth is synthetic, rest assured that it will look and feel the same as the rest of your natural teeth. An advantage of implants is that they can help preserve bone, therefore limiting future facial deterioration to help maintain a more youthful and healthy appearance.  They can be seen as the “Fountain of Youth”. Check out our options for All-on-4 Implants or All-on-6.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

It doesn’t matter whether you are missing one tooth or multiple teeth, in one session your smile will be restored. Additionally, your gums and teeth will be mitigated to the exposure of being infected and decaying any more.

Most people in good health are ideal candidates for dental implants in NYC. We will request that you come in for a consultation, giving us the opportunity to analyze your health and oral health to further determine the best procedure given your circumstances. Everyone has their own situation, and in most cases the solution to it is a dental implant.

One of the criteria we look at for this is based on how healthy the bone material in your jaw is in order to support the best dental implants in NYC. If your jaw is not as supportive as the treatment will require you may first be an ideal candidate for bone grafting before tooth implants in New York.

Why Choose Dr. Condos for Dental Implants in NYC?

As a leading cosmetic dentist in NYC and the only dentist in our practice, Dr. Condos is the only practitioner you’ll deal with. He focuses on providing quality dental implants for NYC patients, and often gets consulted to help solve difficult cases for other dental offices. If you want to upgrade your smile, improve your oral health and regain your confidence in life, meet with Dr. Condos to find out how he can help you.

Confidence with a Beautiful Smile

If your smile doesn’t reflect the way that you feel inside, it’s time to make a positive change. Dental implants can effectively restore any smile, even with significant tooth and bone density loss.

Grafting procedures can regenerate the bone that has been lost from extraction or advanced periodontal disease. Dr. Condos will work with you to develop a solution that restores not only the beauty but also the health of your smile. If you have ever felt like your teeth were beyond repair, you’ll be delighted to learn that dental implants NYC are suited to extensive restoration.

Surgical downtime depends on the extent of tooth loss and the exact procedures that are needed to restore your smile. In your initial consultation, you’ll learn about the implant process, any grafting or prep work that is necessary, and all of your options for cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

Choose the best team for dental implants New York and enjoy a new smile that can last for decades or even your lifetime.

Schedule Your Tooth Implant Consultation Today

Contact us now to schedule a consultation and find out if implants are right for you. This long-lasting solution can give you a full mouth of healthy teeth that allow you to enjoy life with a confident smile.

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Pre-Op: Dental Surgery

Post-Operative Instructions for a Simple Extraction

Post-Op Instructions for Fixed-Hybrid Denture Placement


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