Dental Implants in Central Park, NYC

On the off chance that you have lost a tooth or teeth to harm or decay, you can have compelling restorative treatment with dental implants in Central Park, NYC.

Dental implants are artificial roots that replace the natural root of a tooth, they are then capped with artificial crowns. They are the foundation for removable or permanent replacements that will match your natural teeth by looking and functioning the same.

Finding your way through Central Park, NYC

Central Park in NYC is a renowned park that is not only iconic in NYC but is also famous across the globe. This National Historic Landmark is a major public pace in Manhattan, locating millions of people every year. The park is professionally landscaped and has seven man-made lakes along with various ponds. Wildlife and a diversity of vegetation can also be found in this 843-acre park. The park attracts a range of people, as it is the perfect spot for a stroll with the kids, a romantic picnic, a bike ride, or even enjoying the basketball and tennis courts and facilities. Dental implants in Central Park, NYC are an ideal solution to restoring that natural and healthy smile to enjoy the perfect outing at this historic landmark.

Are Dental Implants Right for You?

Adults and even young adults that may have lost a tooth or multiple teeth will find the dental implant procedure to be the best way to restore a smile. Before the procedure, gums and teeth should be healthy. If you are suffering from frequent infections and ongoing decay a consultation will be done to determine treatment methods.

The initial consultation will ensure that your oral health is up to standards and make sure that any possible obstacles are mitigated. Individuals that may suffer from diabetes may not be deemed suitable for implants, however; being rejected from treatment is quite rare if you are treating the condition.

You should ideally have healthy bone material in your jaw to support the best dental implants in Central Park, NYC. If your jaw has been damaged by stress or even decay, bone grafting may be needed before the tooth implant procedure.

Most people in good health are ideal candidates for dental implants in Central Park, NYC.

Dental Implants in Central Park

How are Teeth Implants in Central Park Done?

Our experienced team performs the best dental implants in Central Park, NYC. Our dental professionals have the experience, training, and resources to ensure long-lasting results and very high success rates.

Since various procedures are required for teeth implants, your dental specialist will do a full and careful assessment, this will include x-rays and teeth models to guarantee the teeth implants are a close match and complement your natural teeth. Dr. Condos and his esthetic team will place an implant under your gums which will be used as the anchor for a new prosthesis. This post serves as the root and foundation for a new tooth. For a single tooth implant in Central Park, the procedure is completed in around an hour. It can take longer for several implants in one session.

Implantation prevents bone density loss in your jaw. The post will fuse with the jawbone over time. This is one of the reasons that implantation is so successful.

The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, although you may be sedated upon request. You may experience some uncomfortable sensations, but surgical pain is minimized if not eliminated.

Caring for a Front Tooth Implant

What are the Benefits of the Best Dental Implants in Central Park?

Implants come with significant benefits. If you are considering dental implants in Central Park, keep the following advantages in mind

  • Improved appearance by retaining a healthy smile
  • Better speech, ability to eat, and smile with a full set of healthy teeth.
  • Improved comfort over missing teeth or traditional dentures.
  • The freedom to eat your favorite foods without difficulty or discomfort.
  • Increased self-esteem and confidence.
  • An improvement in your overall oral health.
  • Are durable enough to last a lifetime is properly cared for

Talk to our experienced dental team to learn more about our procedure for tooth implants in Central Park.

The Key Components of Dental Implants

There are three main components of a tooth implant.

  • The titanium root or surgical post is placed under the gums, providing a strong foundation for a crown.
  • The abutment is a titanium attachment that connects the post to the crown.
  • The crown is made from synthetic materials and is a replacement for a broken, diseased, or missing tooth.

You can have a single tooth or numerous impacted teeth replaced with the best dental implants in Central Park. The three components allow for a semi-modular system where crowns can be replaced if damaged.

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

How Long do Dental Implants in Central Park Last?

Tooth implants in Central Park, NYC are designed to last for much longer than traditional dentures. Most surgeries result in implanted teeth that last 25 years or even longer. Dental implant surgeries in the developed world have a 95% success rate. Implantation is one of the safest and surest procedures that you can have.

Caring for Your New Dental Implants

The best dental implants in Central Park function just like natural teeth, caring for them is also similar. Brushing is an essential component of oral hygiene. You should brush at least twice per day or after meals to protect your implants and natural teeth, remember to also floss.

You should also:

  • Use a soft-bristled manual or electric toothbrush.
  • Practice good oral hygiene constantly
  • Continue routine check-ups
  • Mitigate your smoking habits

We will develop a personalized home care regimen that is precisely tailored to your needs. in addition to at-home care, you will also need to come back to the office regularly to check up on the health of tooth implants in New York City. A semi-annual checkup is recommended for most people. Any specific care and follow-up instructions will be provided after your surgery.

Schedule Your Tooth Implant Consultation Today

If you are missing a tooth or suffering from decay and damage, it’s time to talk to Dr. Condos and his esthetic team in New York City.
Contact us now to schedule a consultation and find out if implants are right for you. This long-lasting solution can give you a full mouth of healthy teeth that allow you to enjoy life with a confident smile.

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