Benefits of Dental Implants

April 2, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

The Incredible Benefits of Dental Implants

Tooth loss caused by age, cavities, and trauma is something that millions of Americans face every day. Dental implants treat tooth loss and restore complete function so that your mouth will be healthier and more esthetically pleasing. For confidence in your appearance and health, you can explore the benefits of dental implants with Dr. Spiro Condos in New York City.

Five Key Dental Implant Advantages

The benefits of dental implants are both cosmetic and functional. Implants address major oral health concerns while building a flawless smile that is uniquely yours.

  • Prevent Bone Loss – Natural teeth stimulate bone and help to preserve its health and density. Decay and tooth loss can lead to a reduction of density in the jaw, and changes to your facial structure and appearance. Implants replace natural teeth and roots and can preserve healthy bone.
  • Dental Implants Look and Feel Natural – Treatment with an experienced surgeon like Dr. Spiro Condos results in teeth that look and feel natural. One of the most impressive dental implant advantages is the fact that your replacement teeth, crowns, or dentures will perform just like your original teeth, and often even better if you’ve suffered from oral health problems throughout your life. You’ll have the confidence to smile every day.
  • Natural Bite Force – If you’ve suffered from tooth loss due to trauma or decay, you would have had trouble biting and chewing. Dental implant advantages include the restoration of natural bite force, so you’ll be able to enjoy the food that you love.
  • Clearer Speech – Tooth loss changes the way that you speak, creating difficulty when pronouncing words. The ability to speak clearly and create a full range of natural sounds is one of the dental implant advantages that patients notice soon after the restoration process.
  • Implants Don’t Decay – Unlike natural teeth, implants don’t decay over time. Whether considering implant-supported dentures or individual implants, you can have confidence knowing that your replacement teeth will last for decades with the right care.

These impressive dental implant advantages are all made possible because the treatment is a full restoration. Dr. Condos and his team will evaluate your unique needs, your lifestyle, and your goals from treatment, and will ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of dental implants in the years to come.

Front Tooth Implants vs. Full Dentures

When looking to understand the benefits of dental implants, there are several different procedures to consider. Full oral restoration can restore a healthy smile even with extensive or complete tooth loss. However, many patients require only front tooth implants.

Front teeth that have decayed or been lost to trauma can be replaced with front tooth implants in New York. Dr. Condos goes beyond the concept of restorative crowns by placing ultra strong zirconium with an overlay of the most esthetic porcelains available.

The benefits of front tooth implants are similar to those for all types of implants. You’ll enjoy a restored smile, full function, and the confidence that comes from both.

Front tooth implants may be more affordable than full dentures, and care is simplified since these implants look and act just like natural teeth.

What are All on 4 Implants ?

The benefits of dental implants apply to All on 4 implants. Four titanium implants are used to support a denture prosthetic with synthetic teeth that look and feel natural. All on 4 implants can restore your smile, the function of your mouth, and prevent bone density loss. Chewing and talking will be more natural than with traditional implants, and you’ll feel more confident with All on 4 implants.

You can have All on 4 implants for either arch at the top or bottom of your mouth, or both if you’ve suffered from extensive or complete tooth loss.

What are All on 6 Implants ?

Much like All on 4 implants, All on 6 implants can be used to restore your smile and oral health. The difference, as indicated by the name, is that six individual implant posts are used per arch, rather than four. This can help to better distribute pressure so that biting and chewing are more natural. All on 6 implants also offer the advantage of providing more bone stimulation, so the risk of density loss is significantly reduced.

All on 6 implants are often recommended for the upper jaw where the bone is weaker and less dense.

Dr. Condos Delivers All of the Benefits of Dental Implants

Dr. Spiro Condos is ready for your consultation. With his experienced team, you can explore your options ranging from single tooth implants and front tooth implants to complete All on 6 implants and other restoration techniques.

As one of the most respected implant dentists in New York, Dr. Condos brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that you enjoy all the benefits of dental implants with a natural smile that radiates confidence.

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