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July 14, 2022

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

Tooth implants in New York are the gold standard for tooth replacement. Providing a fully functional and aesthetic solution, your implant dentist in NYC can restore your smile, your comfort, and your overall dental health.

The right treatment will allow you to speak, chew, and smile with ease. You’ll feel great when the solution is fully customized to your unique needs.

With the best implant dentist in NYC, you’ll be provided with the best solutions. If you don’t feel fully informed, it’s time to book your consultation at Dental Implant Center NYC.

Unique Types of Tooth Implants in New York

There are several different types of tooth implants in New York. Depending on the extent of tooth loss, you could have access to one or more unique treatments.

Tooth implants in New York are highly specialized so there might only be one solution in your case. But, wherever possible, Dr. Spiro Condos will offer alternatives.

Single tooth implants in New York are the best option when you have one or just a few teeth missing in the arch. Each implant will support a prosthetic tooth that functions just like a natural tooth.

Implant-supported dentures are an option for extensive tooth loss. If you have good bone density in the jaw, you could be a candidate for All on 4 implants. If you have lost density or if more support is needed, you could get All on 6 implants. As suggested, these systems use four or six implants to replace an entire arch with a permanent denture.

Mini implants are available in some cases where you have low volume or density in the jaw and need a single tooth replaced. Mini teeth implants in NYC are best suited to front teeth. These are also known as immediate teeth implants in NYC.

Preserving Healthy Teeth vs. Teeth Implants in NYC

Wherever possible, Dr. Condos will attempt to preserve healthy teeth rather than recommend teeth implants in NYC. There is a range of restorative options including fillings, onlays, inlays, bridges, and crowns, etc.

Teeth implants in NYC are recommended where there’s a likelihood of future damage or decay. As a proactive measure, teeth implants in NYC can restore your smile today while ensuring that there are fewer complications in the long term.

With the right treatment planning and care, teeth implants in New York can potentially last a lifetime.

Conditions That Could Affect Teeth Implants in New York

Not everyone is a candidate for teeth implants in New York. If you’re in good health, then the chances are that you can get teeth implants in New York. But some conditions could mean that alternatives will be recommended.

Dr. Condos may recommend against teeth implants in New York if:

  • You don’t have enough bone to support them (grafting can be performed in this case to prepare you for implants).
  • You are currently pregnant.
  • You take medication or have a condition that prevents or limits blood clotting.
  • You have a compromised immune system that would prevent healing.

Your health is paramount to getting the right treatment options. Whenever implants aren’t recommended, Dr. Condos will find alternatives so that you can have the full and confident smile that you deserve.

It’s Your Right to Ask Questions During the Consultation

Your dental consultation is an opportunity to not only learn about the available treatments but also to ask questions of your implant dentist in NYC.

Dr. Condos is an experienced educator and practitioner. His teaching experience with students and practicing dentists means that he has a wealth of information and a passion for sharing it. Dr. Condos will take the time to explain procedures in detail, why they are recommended, and what the alternatives are.

Many patients have concerns about tooth implants in New York. Will the procedure hurt, what’s involved during recovery, and what will my new teeth look like? These are just some of the questions commonly asked during the consultation. You might have other more in-depth questions, like how does the dental implant fuse with the jawbone? Dr. Condos is happy to get into the details.

At the end of the day, the more information you have, the more comfortable you will feel about your decision to get teeth implants in New York.

Book Your Appointment with the Best Implant Dentist in NYC

If you want the best experience from consultation to the final restoration and regular checkups, choose Dental Implant Center NYC. Dr. Condos is the most experienced implant dentist in NYC and is respected in his field for his attention to detail and outstanding results.

With the best implant dentist in NYC, you will have confidence knowing that the recommended procedure is truly the right one for your needs. Book your appointment today and get the highest standard of dental care.

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