Are Dental Implants Right For Me

May 31, 2021

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

Are Dental Implants Right for Me? Treatment Options with Dental Implant Center NYC

Tooth loss is a significant issue facing all Americans. Between 35 and 44 years of age, 69% of people have lost an average of at least one permanent tooth. The number of teeth lost increases with age. While risk factors like smoking, poor oral hygiene, and disease can contribute to tooth loss, everyone in the population is at risk. Dental implants in NYC are used to replace missing teeth and could be the best option in your case.

If you have one or more missing teeth and want to restore your confidence and the full function of your mouth, you can talk to Dr. Spiro Condos and his team at Dental Implant Center NYC.

What are Dental Implants in NYC?

Dental implants in NYC are surgical replacements for natural teeth. There are two major components of dental implants in NYC.

    • The implant post is typically made from titanium and is inserted into healthy bone material in the jaw. It replaces a natural tooth root.
    • A prosthetic tooth is then attached to the implant post, replacing a natural tooth.
    • If you have several missing teeth, implants could be used to support dentures or bridges.

Dental implants in NYC are highly reliable with 97% of surgeries having a ten-year initial success rate. On average, dental implants in NYC will last for at least 15 years, but this depends on their placement, the type of implant, and overall oral health.

The best way to ensure that dental implants in NYC last, is to choose the most experienced implant surgeon. Dr. Spiro Condos is recognized as a leading expert in implant dentistry, both as an educator and as a practitioner. Dental Implant Center NYC is ready to schedule your consultation today.

Front Tooth Implants in NYC and Other Types of Dental Implants

To determine if implants are right for you, it’s important to consider the different types of implants that are available. There are three main categories, including front tooth implants in NYC. Dr. Condos will evaluate your unique case to recommend the best solution for your needs.

    • Single implants including front tooth implants in NYC use just a single post to replace a tooth with a functioning prosthetic.
    • Implant-supported bridges are used to replace teeth in a row. This technique involves placing two posts with prosthetics and a bridge prosthetic between them.
    • For full restoration of top, bottom, or all teeth in the mouth, implant-retained dentures are used. With four or six implants in the mouth, a denture is placed for a natural appearance and full functionality.

If you have just a single tooth missing at the front of your mouth, lost to decay or trauma, Dr. Condos will take you through the procedure for front tooth implants in NYC. Replacing the tooth with an implant rather than a bridge will prevent bone density loss and other complications that can occur. Front tooth implants in NYC look and feel better than standard bridges, and you’ll be able to enjoy all of the food that you’re used to.

Whether choosing front tooth implants in NYC, implant-supported bridges, or full restoration with dentures, you can get the best experience with positive long-term results from Dental Implant Center NYC.

Is It Time to Visit an Implant Dentist in NYC?

Understanding what dental implants are, and what they can do, is only one part of determining if it’s time to visit an implant dentist in NYC.

You need to ask some important questions to learn if dental implants are right for you…

    • Are you in good general health and able to recover from implant surgery? The answer for most people is yes. Dr. Condos will evaluate your health to determine if implants are safe.
    • Have you lost a single tooth or several teeth? Any form of tooth loss is an indicator that it’s time to visit an implant dentist in NYC. Having several missing teeth presents a strong case for either individual implants, bridges, or full restoration with dentures
    • Do you want the confidence that comes from full rows of healthy and beautiful teeth? Implants look natural and can help you to feel better while enjoying any of the food that you love.
    • Have you experienced age-related tooth loss and are you tired of uncomfortable and unnatural dentures? An implant dentist in NYC can give you natural-looking implants that could last for life.

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, it’s time to talk to Dental Implant Center NYC.

Book a Consultation at Dental Implant Center NYC

Dr. Spiro Condos is the most experienced implant dentist in NYC. When you visit Dental Implant Center NYC, you’ll get the best care with solutions that are tailored to your unique needs. Kind, compassionate, and with the technical skills to deliver outstanding results, you’ll love your new smile with implants.

Schedule your consultation with Dr. Spiro Condos and enjoy the care that only the best implant dentist in NYC can provide.

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