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June 17, 2022

Author : Dr. Spiro Condos

Every parent has loads of questions about their child’s health. Sometimes the information can become overwhelming, but you still want to make the right decisions. When it comes to care with a family dentist in NYC, there’s often confusion around fillings. Does your child need fillings? Is it ok to leave cavities in baby teeth that will eventually make way for adult teeth?

Children need high-quality dental care with a family dentist in NYC, just like adults. And, children also need fillings, even in their baby teeth! Here are all the reasons why you should get baby teeth cavities treated by your family dentist in NYC.

1. Fillings with Your NYC Family Dentist can Prevent Infection

Tooth decay can spread in the mouth. Once it starts, it progresses relatively quickly. Baby teeth have thinner enamel than the secondary permanent teeth that will erupt later. So, the risk of the damage spreading is even higher at a young age. Your NYC family dentist can provide effective care to remove any decayed material and seal teeth that are affected by cavities. This will save the teeth and ensure that they are healthy until it’s time for them to be naturally replaced by erupting adult teeth.

2. Ensure Proper Speech with Baby Teeth Fillings

Children develop their speech over time, and many can have difficulty learning and pronouncing words properly. Teeth lost through decay can make it harder to pronounce words. This can have a lasting impact on your child. It is difficult to “relearn” words later once adult teeth develop.

You can help your child master their voice by ensuring that cavities, pain, and other concerns are referred to your NYC family dentist.

3. Fillings Prevent More Invasive Treatments

If cavities in baby teeth aren’t treated, they could lead to more serious problems. Regular visits to your NYC family dentist will ensure that problems are detected and mitigated early.

As an adult, you may have had a root canal procedure at some point. Even if you haven’t, you’ve probably heard of the procedure. Children can also get infections deep into the root of a tooth. Kids that don’t have cavities treated may need a pulpotomy as the infection spreads deeper. The procedure is more invasive than fillings and can be scary for your child, even when you have the very best NYC family dentist. You can avoid all this with baby teeth fillings.

4. Baby Teeth Fillings Ensure Proper Development of Adult Teeth

Baby teeth help to maintain the space and ensure proper positioning of adult teeth. If they’re left to decay, then there can be complications once permanent teeth come through.

Filling a baby tooth will keep it in place and ensure that your child’s mouth develops properly.

5. A Teeth Makeover Will Make Your Child Feel Great

Just like adults, kids care about their teeth. They deserve healthy mouths free of pain. A teeth makeover with fillings for baby teeth will prevent a range of complications, including infection. You can book a teeth makeover for your child. Children are happier when they have healthy teeth and gums.

A teeth makeover with fillings also allows the dentist to examine your child’s teeth, mouth, and gums, to determine if any other dental care is needed.

Even if your child doesn’t need a teeth makeover, you should book a routine examination every six months. With preventative care, you could avoid the need for a teeth makeover altogether.

When Should You Call a Pediatric Dentist in NYC?

There are times when kids experience dental issues that go beyond routine care and maintenance. In these cases, you may be referred to a pediatric dentist in NYC.

A pediatric dentist in NYC is specially trained to diagnose and treat problems that occur during early development. You might need to see a pediatric dentist in NYC if your child has multiple cavities in several teeth, or if they have advanced issues like severe gum inflammation.

You won’t always need to visit a specialist pediatric dentist in NYC for fillings. An NYC family dentist or general dentist can provide essential care, including placing tooth-colored fillings in baby teeth.

If you’re unsure about your case, you can call us at Dental Implant Center NYC. We can provide referrals to a specialized pediatric dentist in NYC for anything that can’t be managed in our clinic. Dr. Spiro Condos is a highly experienced dental surgeon offering general, cosmetic, and implant services. His compassionate and detailed chairside approach is well-suited to the younger patients in your family.

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